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  • News EA Play Live Is Reportedly Skipping 2022

    Will reveal more about new games "when the time is right"

    The third-party video game giant Electronic Arts - known for franchises like Battlefield, Need for Speed and FIFA - will apparently be skipping its annual 'EA Play Live' event this year. In a statement provided to IGN, an EA representative said the company would reveal its next projects when...

  • Watch EA Play Live 2021!

    Don't worry, it's apparently only about 40 minutes

    EA steered clear of the E3 shenanigans earlier this Summer, opting to host its own EA Play event down the line. The time is here, and apparently it'll be roughly 40 minutes (slightly longer with a 'pre-show', perhaps), so we can be confident there won't be 2 hours of FIFA. In fact, there may be a...