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  • Review Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop)

    Tripping the light fantastic

    Judging games for review brings some challenges. How can a tiny indie game compare with a Nintendo-developed blockbuster? We thought about this a lot when playing James Montagna and Andrew Lim's Dot Arcade, a small, highly focused experience that keeps things simple in the name of fun and longevity. While there's not...

  • News Dot Arcade is an Intriguing Vintage Title Heading to Wii U

    We mean pre-Donkey Kong arcade vintage

    Indie developers drawing inspiration from retro games is extremely common, but not many eShop releases pre-date the era that brought us the Donkey Kong arcade, for example. Dot Arcade is doing just that, as it'll recreate the light-based games of generations long since gone on the Wii U. Taking us back to the...