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  • Random The Internet Thinks The Grass-Type Gym Leader In Sword And Shield Is Actually A Ditto

    Say what?

    Since we were first introduced to the grass-type gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield earlier this week, something has been bugging us. No, he’s not secretly a bug-type expert. It’s something else altogether. You see, if didn’t already notice, this odd-looking fellow named Milo seems rather familiar. After a few days, diehard...

  • News Ditto is Out in the Wild in Pokémon GO


    Pokémon GO enthusiasts have plenty on their collective wishlist, and one of the must-haves has been for the much-teased Ditto to arrive. The most recent update, which was meant to be minor, included Ditto assets in the code; these files were considered to be the final piece in the puzzle. Well, it's arrived, though it appears to have been...