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  • News Digger Dan DX Returns to the 3DS eShop With Extra Content

    25 extra caves to dig through

    Earlier in the year the rather charming Digger Dan DX was taken down from the 3DS eShop - First Star Software, which owns the rights to Boulder Dash, had issued the takedown. Thankfully the matter was resolved, and developer Four Horses has been working to get Digger Dan back on the store. The good

  • News Digger Dan DX Dispute Settled, Will Be Back On Sale "As Soon As Possible"

    "We have already settled this issue to our mutual satisfaction"

    At the weekend we reported on the news that the likeable title Digger Dan DX had been removed from the 3DS eShop due to a takedown notice from First Star Software, the company which owns the rights to the thematically similar Boulder Dash. It would appear that this problem has now been...

  • News Takedown Notice May Spell the End for Digger Dan DX

    Nintendo plans to take the game off the eShop

    Digger Dan DX is a recent arrival on the 3DS eShop, which revamped and expanded upon DSiWare title Digger Dan & Kaboom. We rather liked it in our review, appreciating its blend of puzzles and mining, comparing it to the likes of Boulder Dash and Digger T. Rock. That comparison may

  • Review Digger Dan DX (3DS eShop)

    Just Dan-dy

    Digger Dan DX is certainly effective at mining the past, pun not intended. Using the tried and tested formula seen in titles like Boulder Dash and Digger T. Rock, players must guide the titular Dan through a series of hazard-strewn mines by working out pathways and avoiding traps. Although it has been done before, the game works well as...