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    A new horror with some old scares

    Why are you in this abandoned hospital? Why are these monsters attacking you? Where did they come from? Is it really safe to down 38 bottles of pain killers? Dementium Remastered has few answers for you, but the mystery only enhances its eerie, lonely atmosphere. This new version completely rebuilds the original DS...

  • Video Get Creeped Out By the Final Pre-Launch Dementium Remastered Trailer

    Aiming for Europe / Australia in early 2016

    It's a sign of the growing prominence of the eShop that titles considered to be retail releases in the DS can be enticing download-only games in the 3DS generation. Prominent 'Nindie' Renegade Kid knows this all too well, and the studio's latest enhanced re-release - Dementium Remastered - is heading to...