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  • News Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    Thank you for everything, Iwata-san

    Deeply sad news from Japan this Sunday evening, Nintendo has announced the death of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Nintendo Co., Ltd. deeply regrets to announce that President Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth. From everyone here at Nintendo Life we extend our deepest...

  • News The Father Of Video Games Ralph H. Baer Passes Away Aged 92

    The industry owes him a massive debt

    It has been confirmed today that Ralph Baer, often referred to as the father of the video game, has passed away. He was 92. Without Baer's pioneering work in the '60s and '70s, the modern video game industry would be totally different today. He created the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, which was the first...

  • News Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Has Died at 63

    A strong proponent for fun and children

    Robin Williams was found dead in his home in Tiburon, California shortly before noon Monday morning. According to a release from the Marin County Sheriff's Office, the suspected cause of death is suicide, although the investigation is ongoing at the time of this post. Williams is undoubtedly most well known...

  • News Super Mario Bros. Movie Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away Aged 71

    Famed British actor succumbs to pneumonia

    British actor Bob Hoskins has died from pneumonia aged 71. Following a successful career which spanned six decades, he retired from acting in 2012 after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Hoskins was arguably one of the most recognisable faces in modern cinema, having worked with directors such as...

  • News Nintendo's Former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Has Passed Away

    He was 85 years old

    Update: Satoru Iwata has issued the following short statement: We will continue to treasure the values Yamauchi taught us - that what makes you unique lies at the core of entertainment. And we at Nintendo will continue to change the company flexibly to adapt to the times, as Yamauchi did, to carry on his spirit. Original...

  • News Video Gaming's Unexpected Critic Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

    Roger Ebert once insisted that video games "could never be art"

    Film critic Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70 after a long battle with cancer. You might wonder why such news is being featured on a video gaming site, but Ebert was unwittingly embroiled in a battle of wits with gamers when he stated in one of his columns that video games...

  • News You, Me, and the Cubes Designer Dies Ages 42

    Kenji Eno passes away

    Respected game designer and musician Kenji Eno passed away yesterday. Cause of death was heart failure induced by high blood pressure. He was 42 years old. Best known for founding the game studio WARP, Inc. and creating the Sega Saturn RPG adventure D, Eno was also involved in the WiiWare title You, Me, and the Cubes. He...

  • News Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer And Broadcaster, Dies Aged 89

    Fondly remembered for his role as the GamesMaster

    Legendary British astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore has died, aged 89, according to his close friends. According to a statement he "passed away peacefully at 12.25pm this afternoon", in Selsey, West Sussex. After a short spell in hospital last week, it was determined that no further...

  • News Nintendo Senior Managing Director Nobuo Nagai Passes Away

    Sad times

    Nintendo senior managing director Nobuo Nagai has died aged 66 after a battle with stomach cancer. Nagai joined Nintendo in 1967, becoming a director in 2000 before moving up to managing director, eventually becoming senior managing director and representative director in 2004. Among Nintendo's board of directors, Nagai had worked at...

  • News Dennis Hopper Passes Away

    King Koopa loses battle to cancer

    It may not be fondly remembered by many gamers, but the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie certainly had some big name acting talent. Sadly, Dennis Hopper, who played the role of King Koopa, passed away yesterday from complications of metastasised prostate cancer. In honour of the late actor, here's one of our favourite moments from the Super Mario Bros. movie. Rest in..

  • News Foxconn's High Suicide Rate to be Investigated by Nintendo

    Outsourcing company has raised concerns that Nintendo are looking into

    If things like Greenpeace eco-surveys don't appear to be on Nintendo's attention radar, it's very clear that employee working conditions are. High suicide rates at a facility operated by one of its outsourcing companies, Foxconn, has prompted Nintendo to start an investigation. Nikkei reports that the facility, situated in..

  • News Captain Lou Albano Passes Away

    One of the greatest Mario actors there ever was has passed away.

    This year's already had a lot of crazy celebrity deaths, but the person we lost today will probably hit the hardest for any Nintendo fan - Captain Lou Albano, who played the live-action version of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and also provided Mario's voice for the cartoon segments, died earlier today. With his crazy..