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  • News This Limited Edition Luigi's Mansion Game Boy Horror Has Been Reanimated For A Good Cause


    If you're a fan of collectable custom hardware and like the idea of helping a worthy cause, then you might be interested in purchasing one of ten limited edition "Game Boy Horror" handhelds from 8-Bit Evolution - the same talented people who created the fantastic Smash Bros. N64 we featured a while back. Mimicking the handhe

  • News Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.5 Million for Charity

    Nearly 30,000 donors

    Awesome Games Done Quick is a bi-annual week-long event that's rapidly established itself as a highlight within the speedrun community. The most skilful players from around the world gather to tackle records, all while raising impressive amounts of money. The fundraising target for last week's festivities was $1 million, all...

  • News Mario Marathon 7 Streaming Live Right Now on Twitch

    It's that time of year again

    The 7th annual Mario Marathon started broadcasting live just a matter of hours ago, so go check it out. The fan-run event is a charity drive supporting Child's Play with a pretty fun set of rules: the group has a set of financial goals to be unlocked, each of which is linked to an in-game objective the players must...

  • News Over 140 Pieces Of Fan-Made Nintendo Art Up For Auction To Support Autism Charity

    Going to a good cause

    Gamers can be hard to please sometimes. We ask for one thing, get it, and then we ask for more. “When are you going to get around to doing another Star Fox game, Nintendo?” or “when’s the next batch of GBA games coming out on the Wii U?” are just some examples of our insatiable appetites. It sometimes seems that even...

  • News Third Annual Hyrule Hustlers: Zelda Marathon Fundraiser To Take Place On Valentine's Day

    Proceeds go to Child's Play charity

    Playing games is a fun pastime for both solo and social gamers, but through charities like Child's Play, we're able to turn out entertainment into something which gives a little back to humankind. In case you didn't know, Child’s Play provides video games, books and toys to children’s hospitals all over the...

  • News Fangamer Announces Earthbound Charity Event

    Weekend marathon of the timeless RPG for a good cause

    Fangamer has been hinting at something big and Earthbound-related for a while now, which should come as no surprise to those who know the company. They wear their passion for the cherished Mother series on their sleeves, so using this love to raise money seems like the perfect marriage...

  • News UK Retro Computer Museum Is Moving To Larger Premises

    Lend your support by donating to a noble cause

    We're big fans of the Retro Computer Museum here at Nintendo Life - we've covered the charity's events previously, and heartily support the aim of preserving working examples of classic systems that everyone can enjoy and interact with. The museum has been running for some time now and regularly...

  • News Fifth Mario Marathon Fundraiser Set for 22nd June

    All for the Child's Play Charity

    There are millions of gamers who enjoy playing Mario games, whether it's the NES classics or the latest titles on Wii and 3DS. The world-famous plumber is also the inspiration for Mario Marathon 5, a webcast taking place this Friday to raise money for the Child's Play charity. This event has enjoyed success in its...

  • News Mario Bros. Battle Marathon to Raise Money for Charity


    Mario marathons are nothing new, but this weekend sees an oft-overlooked entry in the franchise take centre stage — and all for charity. The Bro-Off puts Mario Bros. front and centre, with four world class players battling simultaneously to set a new world record. It all kicks off tomorrow at 12 midday Eastern (9am Pacific, 5pm UK, 6pm...

  • News Kids, Nintendo Wants to Know What Your Super Ability Is

    Kirby will help

    If the recent Kirby's Return to Dream Land artwork inspired you, Nintendo of America has a competition just for you. From today, Nintendo is inviting visitors to Kirby's Super Ability site to submit their own drawings and descriptions of their own Super Abilities, all in support of Starlight Children's Foundation and the upcoming...

  • News Videogame History Museum Needs Your Donations

    Needs to raise $30,000

    In the UK, the Retro Computer Museum just moved to a new home, and now the Videogame History Museum over in Silicon Valley needs to raise funds for its own bricks-and-mortar initiative. The non-profit charity needs to raise $30,000 to build itself a permanent building in which to house its classic coin-ops, consoles and gaming...

  • News Sega Auctions Rare Memorabilia to Raise Money for Charity

    Artwork, clothing... pillowcases?

    In an effort to raise money for the relief effort following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, Sega of America is auctioning off a wide range of rare collectibles with 100% of the money raised going directly to the Red Cross. With everything from NiGHTS Journey of Dreams pillowcases to House of the...

  • News Buying Ivy the Kiwi? Helps Save Real Kiwis

    10p donated to Save the Kiwi Trust

    You don't see many video games about kiwis, though this is Rising Star Games' second game to feature the flightless bird following DS romp New Zealand Story. The lack of kiwi-based games might be due to the increasing danger of extinction faced by its real-life counterpart, but if you want to do something about that – and we know you do – there is something..

  • News Charity Marathon Sees Every NES Game Played Back to Back

    Over 750 games in total

    Mario, Zelda, Pokémon: these are all good themes for charity marathons, and have raised countless thousands of dollars for a range of charities. Playing every game in a particular series back-to-back is a big accomplishment, but how would you feel about playing every game available for a single console? If that console's the NES and you're Pat the NE

  • News It's Dangerous to Go Alone, But the Zeldathon Raises Rupees Regardless

    Take this press release

    Nintendo charity marathons are all the rage these days: Mother/Earthbound and Mario have both had successful marathons, with Zelda set to join the titles from December 27th. The team at Zeldathon got in touch to spread the word about its upcoming money-raising efforts. The press release below contains all the information you need. Pennsylvania Teens to use Video Games to..

  • News Last Chance to Like Lost in Shadow and Raise Money for Charity

    Your thumbs still worth 10 cents to Child's Play

    Hudson's promising Lost in Shadow (A Shadow's Tale in Europe) may have been delayed until 2011 but there's no need to cry about it: it's all for a good cause, in fact. Every "Like" of the game's official Facebook page between August 30th and 4pm PST today will raise 10 cents for Child's Play, leaving you with just a few hours to log on and..

  • News Charity to Provide Nintendo DS Systems for Young Cancer Patients

    Local charity holding its inaugural Footsteps in Faith 5K and Fun Walk

    When Genre Baker, then eight years old, from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania was in hospital receiving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), there was one little machine in the form of a Nintendo DS that made the stays more bearable and now a year older, he is the inspiration for the provision of these portable..

  • News 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly

    Potential problem for 3DS

    The upcoming launch of Nintendo's 3DS is getting people pretty excited as they imagine their first glimpse of true 3D gaming in the palm of their hand. For 12% of those giddy gamers, however, the moment could be a disappointing one. According to British charity The Eyecare Trust, as many as 6m Britons can't properly process...

  • News Pokemon Marathon Out in the Wild on Friday

    Raising money for the kids

    From the weekend's Mario Marathon news – which is currently at nearly $50,000, by the way – to this news of an equally worthy charity event, this time focusing on the Pokémon series instead. ExtraLives.org is a site dedicated to gaming marathons that, in just one year, has raised nearly $27,000 for charities around the world. To celebrate the site turning one year..

  • News Mario Marathon Breaks Previous Donation Record

    Currently at $33,000 and counting

    Exactly one month ago we told you about a Mario event run by The Speed Gamers, and now we bring you news from another Mario Marathon, this time raising money for the Child's Play charity. In just over 52 hours of play the event has raised over $33,000, easily eclipsing 2009's total of $29,082. At time of writing...

  • News Steve Wiebe to Participate in Mario Marathon, May Jump Barrels for Charity

    Legendary gamer signs up for latest Speed Gamers crusade

    With everyone and their dog being on a legal Mario high at the moment, the team over at The Speed Gamers has announced its next marathon will be taking in all the plumber's greatest titles – yes, including Hotel Mario – when it kicks off on June 11th. The plan is to take in a week's worth...

  • News Gotta Catch 'em All In the Next 72 Hours

    Gamers attempt to capture all 493 Pokémon in charity speedrun

    Speedruns evoke a special kind of excitement in most gamers: the unbridled thrill of seeing highly trained controller-jockeys doing what they do best, coupled with the shame and resentment felt when you witness someone accomplish in hours what you spent months of your childhood working...

  • News Mario Bricks Himself

    40,000 bricks recreate Nintendo icon

    He may be more into the plumbing business, but that doesn't mean Mario can't get involved in the bricklaying side of things too, as this story proves. Made as part of the LEGO World Fair, this blocky brother measures nearly 6' tall and weighs over 110lbs, so whilst it may not be a hugely realistic effigy of the...

  • News Castlevania Draculathon '09 Proves Vampire Slaying is a Charitable Cause

    Support SouthSideGamers in this most noble quest

    If the recent Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth screens have whetted your appetite for all things vampire-related then you might want to point your browser in the direction of the SouthSideGamers website. The gaming group intends to play Castlevania games for 48 hours straight (and possibly longer) in order to raise money for Childs Play, a charity..