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  • News Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wii Channels

    Pour one out for News cat this summer

    Better get those last rounds in with the Wii's Channels before Nintendo starts flickering the lights at closing time, as the company has announced that a chunk of the console's quirky online features are shuttering on 28th June. This will effect the Forecast, News, Everybody Votes, Check Mii Out and Nintendo...

  • News Netflix Reaches Wii Shop Channel in UK and Ireland

    Merrily down the stream

    Netflix has launched in the UK and Ireland — and it's available on Wii. The Wii Shop Channel offers a free Netflix Channel for download, enabling subscribers to stream TV and movies through the console. You can sign up for a free trial and account through the Channel, with a flat rate of £5.99/€6.99 per month. In North...

  • News Skyward Sword Save File Fix Wii Channel Out Now

    But there's a small catch

    Wii owners in Europe and Australia can now download a free Channel to allow them to continue with their The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword save file if they've encountered Skyward Sword's game-ending glitch. Note the Channel is only any use if you've encountered the bug: if you're planning to work around it or have passed that point, there's no reason to download and use..

  • News Nintendo Channel Gets An Update in North America

    Easier to navigate and prettier to boot

    Nintendo has rolled out the update that hit the Japanese Nintendo Channel a little while ago to North America today. The channel now includes a much-improved navigation system, the option to stream "high-quality" video, reworked game recommendation setup, a better statistics presentation and a whole...

  • News Updated Photo Channel coming to America/Europe?

    Nintendo's updated Photo Channel in Japan allows users to order prints or a photo book directly from the Wii.

    Our friends at WiiWare World posted about the new service and what it allows you to do: A print of a single photo An entire album full of photos (The album comes in two designs - Either standard black or white, or a version decorated with Mario characters!) Business cards featuring your..

  • News Nintendo Channel Arrives In Europe

    If you go onto the Wii Shop Channel this morning you will be able to download the newly released Nintendo Channel which has a number of videos and stuff to watch.

    It's all a bit disappointing really though. There is an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and some WiiWare developer videos but apart from that it's pretty much commercials for Ninty's big releases. Which you could have gotten on..

  • News Photo Channel Losing MP3 Support

    Changes to the photo channel being introduced in December, will mean only support for AAC music files, dropping the far popular MP3 format.

    Check out these enhancements to the Photo Channel, which will be available in December, 2007. Personalize your Wii Menu by making one of your favorite digital images from an SD memory card as the Photo Channel icon. The Wii console will replace MP3..

  • News "Mii Contest Channel" Thoughts

    The "Mii Contest Channel" became available in the UK yesterday and so I gave myself the time this morning to get to grips with the latest Wii update.

    A pretty quick, free download from the Shop channel is all it takes to get the "Mii Contest Channel" running on your Wii. On starting it up you will be asked to choose a Mii character as your "Artisan" - generally I presume people are going to choose..

  • News "Everybody Votes Channel" Available

    Nintendo released their latest channel onto the Nintendo Wii Shop last night - the aptly titled "Everybody Votes Channel".

    The channel which is available for free is likely to run as a customer feedback tool for Nintendo but if only all customer feedback forms were this fun then I'd fill them in more often. The update will require you to run a system update on your Wii before you get it running..