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  • News SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Will Not Censor Risqué Costumes For Western Switch Release

    "Nothing will be removed or replaced in the Western release"

    We're no stranger to certain risqué Japanese games being censored for the Western market. Sure, this makes them more family friendly, but as we found out with the 2016 release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, fans will go to great lengths to work around this so they can enjoy the full...

  • Rumour Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Smash Bros. To Avoid A Higher Age Rating

    Fire Emblem: Awakening's scantily-clad character just can't catch a break

    Remember when Nintendo of America censored the character Tharja in the Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC? If rumour is to be believed — and we should stress that this is very much a rumour — then the same thing has happened in Super Smash B

  • News Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Costume Changes For Female Characters

    Ages also bumped upwards

    When Japanese games are localised for western release it's often the case that publishers such as Nintendo decide that certain elements need to be changed in order to make things suitable for a western audience. We saw this recently with Tharja's bottom in Fire Emblem: Awakening's DLC, and it would appear that Bravely...

  • News Pokémon Lose the Slots From Their Heart and Soul

    Risk explosions from Voltorbs instead!

    Poké-fans in Europe may remember last year when during their Pokémon journey in Pokémon Platimum they discovered they couldn't play the slots like they could in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It seems this trend continues with Pokémon SoulSliver and HeartGold as well, though this time instead of simply picking up coins a new minigame called "Voltorb..

  • News Nintendo Silence Talking Link

    Nintendo issue take down notice for fan-made Zelda film

    A Zelda film created by fans has been removed from the Internet at Nintendo’s request. The film, The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time, is based loosely on Ocarina of Time, is around two hours long and features a number of Zelda favourites including Gorons, Saria and of course Link. Following the...

  • News Rabbids Go Home Recalled Due to Offensive Language?

    UPDATED - Recall not happening says Ubisoft, official statement on its way

    We've just received some early reports that Ubisoft is recalling Rabbids Go Home from UK stores due to it containing "language that some users may find offensive". Actual details are hard to come by, but we'd hazard a guess that the line in question is "No penetration allowed in this zone". We could be..

  • News UK Games Rating System To Get Simpler

    PEGI to become the standard in Great Britain

    For those of you unlucky enough to live outside of these sceptered isles, you may be confused by the two game classifications systems currently in place. Well, you can count your lucky stars, as the British Government has announced that PEGI - that's Pan-European Game Information, folks - is to become the...

  • News WiiWare Poker Game Too Sexy For Australia

    Nudity as an incentive proves to be too much for the land down under

    Poor Australian gamers. Not only do you often get neutered versions of M-rated games, but sometimes they don't even get to come out at all. You guys should really do something about that, because the archaic rating system has struck again against a poor WiiWare game. This time,...

  • News House Of The Dead: Overkill has Aussie watchdogs baying for blood

    Sega's gore-filled blaster causes aggro down under

    In what seems to be a daily occurence in Australia, the recent classification and release of Sega's pulp-horror lightgun bloodbath House Of The Dead: Overkill has been met with outrage from one of the country's most vocal family lobbyists. Today's Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper reports that Angela Conway, director of conservative parents' group Pro..

  • News Manhunt 2 finally breaks free this Halloween

    Rockstar finally get their way, Halloween cometh, Manhunt 2 releaseth. The illusive game goes on sale Oct 31st across the UK.

    UK gamers will finally be able to buy Manhunt 2 for Playstation 2, PSP, and Wii on 31 October. Originally released in the US over a year ago, the game was refused a certificate by the British Board of Film Certification in June 2007. Following multiple appeals and changes to..

  • News Oh dear, The Daily Mail has found out about MadWorld

    British newspaper attacks violent "MadWorld" a good nine months before it's even released!

    A new computer game tipped to be the most violent ever is being released exclusively on the so-called 'family friendly' Wii console. Nintendo will dramatically transform Wii's image with the release of ultra violent video game MadWorld which, 'revolves around the themes of brutality and exhilaration',..

  • News Manhunting Manhunt 2

    Would you believe that almost a month since the game passed rating standards and was released - people are still campaigning against Manhunt 2. Just enough publicity the game needs to give it a sharp boost in the sales department.

    A group of four US senators consisting of Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton have called for the controversial snuff 'em up to be rated an AO as..

  • News Manhunt 2 Slammed By Press

    The game that's causing the most "controversy" is a super violent Wii game, who'd of thought!

    Even though some people may consider Manhunt 2 to be only a game, it unfortunately perpetuates and reinforces cruel, inaccurate perceptions that people who live with mental illness are violent," blasted Mike Fitzpatrick, executive director of NAMI. Fair point, but lets face it.. there are plenty of films..

  • News More Word Controversy

    An Irish father wants the DS game Scrabble 2007 banned because it contains a 'homophobic' word.

    Recently the word 'spastic' was been found in both Mario Party 8 and Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach and subsequently both had to be recalled. Now another case of outrage over the inclusion of an offensive word in a computer game has occurred; this time in Scrabble 2007. While playing the game with his..

  • News Manhunt 2 Saga Continues

    After getting an "Adult Only" rating in the US, neither Nintendo or Sony are prepared to release the game.

    This week we saw that Manhunt 2 was rejected any classification in the UK, now the game has been rated in the US its left the publisher alittle miffed as both Nintendo and Sony have stated they won't release games with an "Adult Only" rating, the most extreme classification the ESRB provide..

  • News Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC

    British Board of Film Classifications have spoken, Manhunt 2 is too violent for you, you can't play it, shame on you for even thinking it.

    As announced by the BBFC today Manhunt 2 has been rejected classification meaning it is ineligible for release in its current form. The director of the BBFC, David Cooke, has issued the following statement trying to clear things up abit. "Rejecting a work is a..

  • News Resident Evil 4 Gore Fest Confirmed

    Destructoid snags some proof that RE4 Wii Edition will indeed be the blood fest us mature gamers expected, despite being toned down in Japan.

    There was rumours flying around the interweb over the past month or two that the western release of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition would be toned down like its Japanese counterpart, a huge blow to fans of the series. However Capcom have now answered, confirming..