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  • News Yooka-Laylee Rattles Away From Wii U Release

    Are you happy with the switch to Switch?

    In a move which isn't necessarily surprising, it has now been confirmed that the much anticipated Yooka-Laylee will not longer be getting a Wii U release. In a recent blog post on the Playtonic Games site, the reasoning for this is explained. The Playtonic team is sad to confirm that despite our best...

  • News Details of Next Level Games' Cancelled Project, 'Clockwerk', Emerge

    Game set in a magical floating clock tower, which was not to be

    Canadian development studio Next Level Games is well known for its work on Nintendo games such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Punch-Out!! and Mario Strikers Charged. While the studio is now exclusively developing for Nintendo platforms, that wasn't the case with an intr

  • News Chocobo Racing 3D Was Canned Because Square Enix Wasn't Happy With The Quality

    Spitting feathers

    Remember Chocobo Racing 3D? It was announced for the 3DS some time ago, but Square Enix has shown nothing of the game for months, and last year Takashi Tokita — the creator of the original Chocobo Racing for the PlayStation — said that the project had been closed. We now have further confirmation of this fact from Square Enix...

  • News Sabarasa's Protocol Changing Platforms from WiiWare

    To don't-know-where

    Looks like Sabarasa's ambitious first-person shooter Protocol won't make it to WiiWare after all. Sabarasa yesterday updated its site with this message: PROTOCOL TO BE RELEASED IN A NEW TO-BE-CONFIRMED PLATFORM For all those expecting Protocol for WiiWare, we announce that it will be released directly in a new to-be-confirmed...

  • News SEGA to Cancel Games, Focus on Existing IP

    Dark days

    SEGA has revealed it's to slim down its Western operations and cancel some games to combat an operating loss in the current financial year. The publisher hasn't stated which games will be cancelled but did reveal its desire to focus on strong-selling IPs such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Football Manager, Total War and Aliens. From our list of...

  • News See Rockstar and Miyamoto's Unreleased N64 Project

    Do the buggy boogie

    Back in the day, Rockstar San Diego — best known for Red Dead Redemption of course — was Angel Studios, a work-for-hire developer responsible for the N64 port of Resident Evil 2 among other games. What you may not know was the studio had an internal division known as Dream Team that once worked on an unreleased N64 game with...

  • News Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled

    Guess why

    Last September, XGen Studios announced Machinarium was coming to WiiWare, but since then we've heard not anything else about the game, leading many to assume it would never see the light of say. Sadly, those folks were right. Developer Amanita Design's founder Jakub Dvorský finally sealed the game's coffin in an interview with Eurogamer,...

  • News Unreleased N64 Game Glover 2 Surfaces Online

    The sequel that never was

    N64 platformer Glover may have been lost in the sea of other 3D platformers that flooded the system, but it's got nothing on its sequel. Glover 2 was never finished, but in 2010 a prototype version of the game made its way to eBay, allowing the world to see Interactive Studios' unreleased sequel. Check out the video below...

  • News Check Out Retro's Unreleased American Football Game

    Life before Metroid

    Before there was Metroid Prime, Retro Studios hadn't had a bona fide hit, and several of the studio's games were cancelled before seeing the light of day. One such title was this unnamed American football game, recently featured by prominent site Unseen64. The animation shown below is undoubtedly impressive, particularly considering this game was intended for release on..

  • News Bomberman and Bonk Cancelled for 3DS

    Omega Five gone, too

    At a time when we all want to hear about more 3DS games in the pipeline, it seems Hudson has struck a few games from its release schedule, cancelling Bomberman, Omega Five and Bonk. Andriasang reports the games are confirmed as cancelled in this month's Famitsu magazine, but also warns that there may be other games facing the...

  • News WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned

    You might want to sit down for this one

    It seems Team Meat has decided that WiiWare is not a good fit for Super Meat Boy and have officially cancelled the game's development for the service. They've also let it be known that a Wii retail release is also looking grim, which pretty much lays to rest any semblance of hope that we'll see the boy of meat...

  • News Mirror's Edge Wii Concept Art Surfaces

    Shows a cartoony look for scrapped port.

    Last fall, DICE's Mirror's Edge turned out to be a fairly divisive title for 360/PS3/PC gamers; some applauded it's new take on first-person gameplay by utilizing parkour elements, others found it to be an exercise in disorienting trial-and-error frustration. You know what else is divisive in gaming? Wii...

  • News Brutal Legend Wii Cancelled

    No rockin' sauce for you

    It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that the Wii version of Brutal Legend - the Jack Black-starring rock epic from the guy who did Full Throttle - has been cancelled. Terminated. Buried. DESTROYED. According to Destructoid, the plug was pulled "due to quality and technical concerns". While little solid information exists about the Wii version - it..

  • News Castlevania Movie Bites The Dust

    The Belmont's Hollywood debut is cancelled

    Although Hollywood's track record with video game adaptations has been less than impressive over the years (see Super Mario Bros. for proof) we have to admit we were a little excited about Paul W. S. Anderson's proposed Castlevania movie. Announced back in 2005, the film was due to begin production in 2006...

  • News Aliens: Colonial Marines DS Trailer Leaked?

    Could this be Wayforward's spiritual follow-up to Contra 4?

    A mysterious trailer has hit YouTube recently that appears to show footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS. The previously unheard of game appears to have been coded by highly respected developer Wayforward. While we're not entirely convinced this is a 100% official video,...

  • News No Madden NFL On DS This Year

    EA's Gridiron franchise is Wii only for '10

    EA has confirmed that its best-selling Madden NFL franchise will be skipping the DS for the 2010 edition. Rumours started to circulate when EA revealed the cover artwork for Madden NFL 10 and the DS version was missing, but EA Sports' Senior PR Manager Rob Semsey has confirmed what DS-owning American Football fans had feared: We set extremely high..

  • News It’s Tyson vs. Aliens in Aborted NES Punch Out!! Sequel

    Rare ROM surfaces after 17 years lost in space

    The Wii version of Punch Out!! is going to be with us shortly so what better time for a kindly NES collector to release the ROM for the awesomely bad Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch (the aborted sequel to the original NES Punch Out!! which was eventually released - sans Tyson - as Power Punch II)..

  • News The Red Steel 2 That You Will Never Play

    Leaked screens of the canned sequel hit the net

    Red Steel was one of the Wii’s first real disappointments – it promised so much, yet ultimately failed to deliver. However, the potential was there and that’s why we’ve been pretty keen to see the sequel. Surprisingly, the version of Red Steel 2 that we’ll eventually be getting is one of two editions that Ubisoft has been working on; the..

  • News Nintendo Deny That Sadness Exists

    Promising survival horror is something of a phantom

    Sadness is a game that many Wii owners got excited about when it was first ‘announced’ by developer Nibris quite some time ago. The concept of a stylish black & white survival horror positively dripped tension and foreboding, and the production artwork looked extremely intriguing. However, following on from rumours that the game had been..

  • News Halo DS

    IGN's Matt C also shows us the Halo DS that he was piping on about for so long... and NO, it's not coming out, its been canceled.

    My Halo DS blog has haunted me since I posted it because many people were skeptical of my claims. I wouldn't make something like that up, of course, but that hardly silenced any of my critics. When my brother called me...

  • News Quick! Super Mario The Lost Levels Almost Lost

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, originally released on the Famicon and then again on the Virtual Console last month, will be deleted off the VC list in just over an hour.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the original sequel to Super Mario Bros. and was only released in Japan. The game was very difficult and for this reason it wasn't released elsewhere. instead a similar but much easier and..

  • News Project C.A.N.C.E.L.L.E.D.

    Nintendo admit that resources have been moved off the Project HAMMER title and onto other things.

    According to Joystiq, Nintendo's Beth Llewellyn had the following to say after this years E3 get-together. What’s the status of Project H.A.M.M.E.R. or Disaster: Day of Crisis?Disaster is still in development. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. we’ve sort of shifted resources off that title. But Disaster is..