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  • News Camp Miiverse is Back, and Has Extra Splatoon

    Take me take me take me take me NOW!

    If there's one thing your humble writer likes to do, it's to recycle jokes and/or references that were barely funny first time around. Thank you Nintendo of America, for making this possible with Camp Miiverse. After its original spin last year, the challenge-based contest is back, and is predictably kicking off...

  • News Nintendo of America Launches Camp Miiverse Challenge

    Better than Kamp Krusty

    It's summertime, so what do you want to do, kids! Play video games indoors, of course, video games that represent outdoor sports. Well, maybe just when it's raining. Of course, some go off to summer camps, where personal hygiene is lost and uncomfortable bunk beds are the norm, which is why those camps are so awesome. As a...