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  • News The History of Nintendo Book Gets English Release

    Know your roots

    Pix'n Love Publishing's book The History of Nintendo was until now only available in French, but after a pre-order run last year it's now available to buy. The 240-page book spans Nintendo's humble beginnings in 1889 until the early 1980s, with more than 2,000 exclusive pictures illustrating the story along the way. The book costs...

  • News Flick Through The History of Nintendo

    The first volume is available for pre-order

    Even if you've never had an interest in history, this upcoming book will surely find its way onto your to-buy list. Penned by Florent Gorges in collaboration with Isao Yamazaki, a prolific voice-actor over in Japan with many roles in video games, The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 has been translated into English so you'd better pre-order yours now because..

  • News Brush Up On Your Street Fighter History With New Book

    Capcom teams up with Chronicle Books to tell the history behind the popular beat 'em up series

    We're sure many of you can remember where you played your first game of Street Fighter. For me, it was the house of a distant relative that shared a similar enthusiasm for gaming as myself in my childhood. It's a series that stretches back to the mid '80s and continues to produce games even 'til this day..

  • News Children's Book Was Inspiration for Spirit Tracks

    Secret influence revealed!

    It's practically raining Spirit Tracks stories today, but this story actually pre-dates Link's latest - it's the children's book that inspired Nintendo to create Spirit Tracks. Called "The Tracks Go On", it's a story where cute kids build the tracks for a train as it explores the land, with cutesy animals and all...

  • News The Haynes Video Gaming Manual

    A coffee table classic that every dedicated gamer should own

    Following on from our review of the superb Game Over, we've got another literary classic to bring to your attention. The Video Game Manual is published by UK firm Haynes (famed for its automotive help guides) and is penned by João Diniz Sanches, former editor of Future's Edge magazine...

  • Book Review Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry

    Game over man

    You won’t find an abundance of book reviews here on Nintendo Life – we’re aimed squarely at providing you the best content from the world of interactive entertainment, after all – but anyone who considers themselves to be a fan of The Big N (or video gaming in general) should read David’s Sheff’s Game Over (or Game Over:...

  • News Fan-made Mother 3 Handbook Freely Available To Read

    It's all online, and it's all free.

    Remember that fantastic fan-made Mother 3 guide a while back? Those of you with a marshmallow-soft spot for the series and $20 American to spare probably already have your copy sitting snugly on your shelf. The rest of us? Well, we can now read and download it (legally!) for free. Score one for the cheap-o's! It's a low-res version, but the entirety of the book..

  • News Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition OUT NOW!

    The genius' behind the Guinness Book Of Records have compiled a gamer's edition containing a host of facts, figures and information about all your favourite games.

    Written in the same style as the Guinness Book Of Records this volume contains hundreds upon thousands of facts and trivia related to the game industry. Did you know that Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy holds the record for..