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  • News Happy 60th Birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto

    Father of Mario and Zelda reaches another milestone

    Exactly 60 years to the day in the Japanese town of Sonobe, one of video gaming's greatest visionaries was born: Shigeru Miyamoto. Since joining Nintendo at the late '70s, Miyamoto has arguably revolutionised the medium of interactive entertainment more than any other individual, producing a...

  • News Sonic Turns 19 Today but Brings No Presents for Nintendo Fans

    Virtual Console the only format not to receive price drops today

    Yes fans of blue spiky things, it was 19 years ago today that the original Sonic the Hedgehog did its first loop-de-loop in our hearts. In honour of this world-changing event, Sega is cutting prices of many of the hedgehog's downloadable outings on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network...

  • News Top DS Toilet Timewasters

    Short spurt gaming at its best

    Portable gaming and toilets go hand-in-washed-hand: there’s no better time to get some uninterrupted gaming going than when sat atop the porcelain throne. With the DS turning five years old in Europe today, we're celebrating some of the machine's golden titles: those games that make us wish there was a way to charge...

  • News Happy Birthday WiiWare Service

    Today the WiiWare service is one year old!

    It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since the WiiWare service first kicked off. We thought it might be nice to take a look back at some of the more memorable events that have taken place in the WiiWare service's first year. Now keep in mind we couldn't include every great event that took place,...

  • News Come Wish Pixel a Happy Birthday!

    It's the Cave Story creator's birthday

    Guess what? It's Pixel's birthday and the guys at Nicalis would like to request that game fans head over to their blog to wish him a Happy Birthday. For those of you who don't know, Pixel is the creator of the Cave Story games, and is currently working on the WiiWare title as we speak. He's also the guy who decorated the Wii Remotes we reported on recently. So..

  • News Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!

    Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Two years ago today Virtual Console Reviews was brought kicking and screaming into the world. That’s 731 days (or 17,544 hours) of Virtual Console-related news, reviews and features – quite a feat, we’re sure you’ll agree.

    Since last year’s birthday celebrations quite a lot has happened to the site. The name-change is the most obvious thing -..

  • News The Virtual Console Archive is One Today!

    Crack out the cocktail sausages and don your party hats, because today the Virtual Console Archive celebrates its first birthday along with the North American release of the Nintendo Wii.

    When we started this site over twelve months ago we saw it as a side project that would keep us busy once we'd ran out of things to do over at The Mean Machines Archive. Little did we know that the VCA would go on..