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  • News BBC iPlayer App to End Service on Wii U in Early 2017

    It's a Poldark day for Wii U

    Nintendo's systems have always struggled to offer the same breadth of entertainment and streaming apps as rival consoles, though for a spell the Wii U reasonably well in that area. As the system heads towards its inevitable discontinuation, however, licenses and services could start to go offline. That'll be the case...

  • News BBC iPlayer Finally Arrives On The Wii U eShop

    But only for UK users

    UK Wii U owners have been waiting for the BBC iPlayer to come to their consoles for ages - the last we heard about it was back in January last year, when the esteemed broadcasting corporation insisted that it was still working hard on making an eShop release possible. Seemingly without warning, that time has now come - the BBC...

  • News BBC is "Working to bring iPlayer" to the Wii U

    It's still a thing, then

    While the Wii U has some useful apps for TV viewing, including examples such as Netflix, it's still short of some key features. Those with TVii in North America can lord it over those missing out in Europe, for example, while another absentee to date is BBC iPlayer, which did feature on the Wii. Thankfully it is still...

  • News BBC To Launch New Dedicated iPlayer Wii Channel

    Enhanced version of the popular TV streaming service coming to Wii on the 18th November

    British Wii owners have been able to watch TV programs using the BBC iPlayer since 2008, but the veteran broadcaster has announced that it is releasing an updated version of the service which will function as a dedicated Wii Channel. The new version will be available for download from the Wii's online shop from..

  • News Miyamoto Unconcerned By Rival Motion Control Systems

    Sony and Microsoft's attempts 'lack depth', says Mario's dad

    This year's E3 was an interesting one for fans of motion-controlled gaming. Not only did Sony unveil it's PS3 'wand' controller, Microsoft went one better with Natal, which doesn't use a controller at all. Naturally, one might wonder what Nintendo - the company that started this particular...

  • News BBC IPlayer Available On The Wii

    You can now watch Little Britain on-demand, joy of joys

    The BBC has announced that it will be introducing its innovative iPlayer service to the Wii, allowing UK gamers to access a wide range of TV shows on demand. The iPlayer service has been running on the Internet for a while now and has been a tremendous success, proving that the BBC is more than able to move with the times. The veteran..