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  • Hardware RetroUSB AVS Review

    The NES advantage?

    After years of enduring sloppy imitators which offer patchy performance and incomplete compatibility, we're finally seeing clone consoles come of age. The RetroN 5 leveraged the versatility of Google's Android platform to offer HD visuals and save state support, while the super-premium Analogue NT took existing Nintendo chips and...

  • News retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, Goes Up for Pre-Order

    Supports all NES / Famicom cartridges

    A while ago we told you about retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, a rather slick-looking console that promises a 720p output and support for all current and future NES / Famicom cartridges. It's now close to release, with pre-orders going live over on the official website. The general pitch is that this hardware...