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    Review Art of Balance

    The perfect balance

    Art of Balance is a game that was first released on WiiWare, and was easily one of the best titles to grace the platform. Soon after a portable version was released on the 3DS, and now we get the biggest iteration yet on the Wii U eShop; as it's the third title you’d expect it to pull out all the stops, and Shin’en Multimedia...

  • News Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed For Europe

    Balancing act

    Shin'en has confirmed that the Wii U version of Art of Balance will be coming to Europe later this month — September 25th, to be exact. The physics-based puzzler is based on the WiiWare original — which was then updated for the 3DS in the shape of Art of Balance TOUCH! — and will feature 200 different challenges in its...