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    Review Another World

    Another Mike Aruba

    Éric Chahi's 1991 Commodore Amiga masterpiece has been ported to every system that could possibly run the game. After the 20th Anniversary Edition made the successful jump to both Wii U and 3DS, Lester has now been conveniently teleported onto the Switch. But is this Another World too far? It could happen to any genius...

  • News '90s Classic Another World Makes The Leap To Switch This Spring

    Out of this world, dude

    You can play Eric Chahi's classic 1991 cinematic platformer action-adventure game Another World on practically every gaming platform known to mankind these days - except for the Switch, of course. This is all about to change as DotEmu has just announced that a Switch version of the seminal game is planned for...

  • News Nintendo Unleashes Three More Pokémon 3DS HOME Themes in Japan

    Another World themes, too

    3DS HOME Themes keep arriving on Nintendo's portable, with the Japanese market being inundated with the most regular new arrivals. As a way of spicing up our systems and getting us ready for some gaming, these Themes have been a welcome arrival on the portable. Nintendo's certainly keen to show off its biggest brands, too,...

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    Review Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

    Another World, Another System

    Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition belongs in the download era, as the retail success story of the original truly laid the groundwork for narrative-driven, minimalistic and artistic games that are now becoming increasingly common away from high street shelves. When first released its cinematic flair was a...

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    Review Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

    An indie trailblazer

    If you want a cinematic, oblique, thought-provoking and relatively short-lived experience in the modern gaming age, digital stores such as the eShop and more notably Steam have plenty of content on offer. Independent developers — and bigger publishers that release smaller projects as downloads — now find it easier than ever...

  • Video Check Out This Impressive Recreation of the Intro to Another World

    Rumoured remake coming to Wii U and 3DS, remember

    We may not exactly be short of artistic, narrative-driven games with creative environments in this age of the Indies, but in the early '90s games that weren't simple and fun action rarely made a significant impact with mainstream audiences. Another World, with a few select others, achieved that...