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  • News ​Splatoon amiibo 3-Pack Will Cost $35, According To Amazon

    Pre-orders opening soon

    Yesterday Nintendo hosted a pretty action-packed Nintendo Direct, followed by a really entertaining Treehouse session solely based around the forthcoming Wii U title Splatoon. This Nintendo Direct was absolutely bursting with amiibo fun. With a brand new wave of arriving later this year and the first images of a

  • News Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Orders Due To Lack Of Stock

    "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available"

    Amazon UK is cancelling orders for the Wii U GameCube Adapter due to a reported lack of stock. We've had multiple reports of this happening to buyers in the UK, with our own Anthony Dickens receiving the exact same notification from the online retailer. The email reads as...

  • News Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its White 8GB Wii U Bundles

    There's even a Smash Bros. deal

    Back in November 2012 we had a few debates in Nintendo Life HQ around the merits of the Basic (8GB) and Premium / Deluxe (32GB) Wii U models. With just 3GB of that white system's memory surviving a launch day update it seemed downright pointless to buy a system with such a small amount of space, as it made a hard...

  • Weirdness April Fools Comes Early As Amazon France Lists ZombiU 2 For Wii U

    Being published by Bandai Namco, for some unknown reason

    ZombiU 2 isn't happening for several reasons, the first being that the original game — while providing a superb demonstration of the Wii U's potential as well as many excellent jump-scares — didn't sell particularly well. With Watch Dogs looking like Ubisoft's last truly seriou

  • News Wii U Pre-Orders Enjoy a Healthy Boost Following Gamescom

    Amazon Wii U pre-orders jump more than for PS4 and Xbox One games

    While Sony and Microsoft provided live press conferences and a sustained bombardment of news, interviews and reveals during last week's Gamescom event in Germany, Nintendo of Europe adopted its usual strategy of focusing on its booth and some online promotion. Its most notable effort...

  • News Pokémon TV App Now Available for Kindle Fire Devices

    Over 700 episodes across 16 seasons!

    Pokémon TV, which débuted on iOS and Android platforms in 2013, is available on Amazon's Kindle Fire devices as of today. The app allows Pokémon fans to catch up on over 700 episodes of the popular anime series starring Ash Ketchum and his perpetual Poké-pal Pikachu. It comes as no surprise that Pokémon TV...

  • News Amazon Lists Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark For Wii U And 3DS

    You can win if you dare?

    While it's always worth taking listings on Amazon with a pinch of salt, when one comes out of the blue — and appears on multiple platforms to boot — there's probably an element of truth in there. Listings have appeared on the popular online retailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, the next instalment in the...

  • News Nintendo Is Here To Stay And Will Do Very Well This Year, States Amazon UK Games Boss

    "Everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not"

    Nintendo has been getting a lot of downbeat press recently thanks to the poor performance of the Wii U and dismal financial results, but Amazon.co.uk’s category leader of video games and software Ketu Patel feels that the Japanese giant is long way from throwing in the towel — and...

  • Weirdness Amazon Plans Drone Air Delivery Service for 2015

    We suggest designing them to look like propeller blocks

    As technology advances, those slightly silly sci-fi ideas we see in video games start to creep into real life. Following an announcement today it looks like, within a couple of years, you will have a little drone aircraft fly your Amazon deliveries to your house. It's awesome and slightly scary...

  • News Super Mario 3D World Reaches Top Spot On Amazon's North American Best Sellers Chart

    The buzz and hype clearly help

    Yesterday saw an influx of very positive assessments of Super Mario 3D World, including our very own 10/10 review. These reviews seem to of had an impact on the game’s sales on Amazon, where the title is the number one best seller in the video game category in North America, at the time of writing. Considering the...

  • News Amazon Listing For Wii U Version Of Off-Road Racer DiRT Slides Into View

    UPDATED: Codemasters responds, DiRT Wii U "not part of its product slate"

    UPDATE: Codemasters has given us this response regarding this news story: We’re unsure of the source for the Amazon US listing as Codemasters does not have a DiRT title for Wii U listed as part of its product slate. ORIGINAL STORY: The DiRT series of racing games has...

  • News Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox One Reveal

    One of Amazon UK's biggest movers and shakers

    It’s no secret that the Xbox One reveal did not go as smoothly as Microsoft might have hoped. For some, the idea of buying a giant Betamax-styled brick that blocks used games and requires the Kinect camera to function was a big turn-off — even if it does make changing the TV channel a fraction of a...

  • News Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Product Pages

    You know there's also this "Vita" thing...?

    Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has long been intrigued by Amazon.com’s lack of direct supply when it comes to Nintendo consoles. Now he has reported on another unusual habit: the advertising of other brand names on Nintendo consoles’ product pages. Looking up Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles on Amazon shows...

  • News Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD For $59.99

    Nintendo taking the full-price route?

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is an updated version of the GameCube classic, which may lead you to assume that Nintendo will follow the example set by HD remakes on other consoles and give the game a lower-than-usual retail price. Of course, that isn't how Nintendo works - recent 3DS remakes for The...

  • News Amazon Instant Video App Hits The Wii Today In North America

    Nice and simple

    Amazon has announced today that its video streaming service, Instant Video, has launched today for Wii consoles across the US. The app can be found in the Wii Shop Channel, and subscribers of the service will gain access to over 145,000 movies, TV shows and documentaries. Prime customers are able to watch over 30,000 of these videos...

  • Feature The Potential of Wii U and Amazon

    More than a games console

    Nintendo has been busy with Wii U promotion in recent weeks, with E3 at the core of a number of interviews and reveals about the system and what it will offer on the day it hits stores. Satoru Iwata has spoken about the console and its GamePad controller becoming the centre of the family living room. An image of four family...

  • News Amazon Removes £199.99 Wii U Listing

    Update: Pre-orders cancelled

    Update: Amazon has cancelled pre-orders for the Wii U, saying "the product was listed in error". Bad luck, everyone. We had a feeling that Amazon listing Wii U for £199.99 was too good to be true, and now the retailer's taken down its cheap listing. The Wii U product page now generates a 404 error, with the

  • News Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales

    Update: All is well

    Second Update: The 3DS is back on sale at Amazon, with no explanation of how the problem was solved. As you were, then. First Update: An Amazon representative had this to say on the matter: “The reason why this is under a review : The flip-screen is loose when its opened, please inform them that Nintendo has confirmed as long...

  • News Amazon Preorders Make the 3DS King of the Jungle

    Most preordered console in the history of Amazon.co.uk

    3DS preorders have not only been record-breaking for Nintendo, because that kind of impact filters down to retailers too. With about a week left to go until the 3DS launches outside of Japan, online retailer Amazon.co.uk has announced that the system has become the most pre-ordered console of...

  • News Wii Speak's Time is Officially Over

    Update: or is it?

    Update: Nintendo UK has contacted Eurogamer to state that, in fact, Wii Speak has not been discontinued. Nintendo's Wii Speak room microphone may not have been the most well-supported of peripherals in its time on the market, and now the machine has an official headset it seems the time to lay Wii Speak to rest is at hand...

  • News European Professor Layton Movie Bundle is Big and Mysterious

    Eternal Diva BluRay and DVD in one box

    The top hat professor and his cheery chum Luke aren't just busy conquering the world of gaming: their first feature film Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva is on the way to Europe later this year, and this triple-disc boxset wants you to know about it. Featuring the film on BluRay and standard definition DVD...

  • News Mario Leaps Across the Virtual Pages of Kindle

    Amazon presumably thrilled

    You might have an Amazon Kindle e-reader, but chances are you probably don't: all that reading is understandably off-putting. You know what might brighten it up? Some Mario, of course. That was seemingly the thought process over at Klab, a Japanese company behind a NES emulator for Kindle. Although it's perhaps best not to consider the usefulness of such a programme,..

  • News Wii Dominates 2009 Sales

    Amazon reveal the bestselling video games products of last year

    Amazon.com have revealed the best selling products in the field of video games for 2009 and hardcore Mario fans will be pleased to learn that the Nintendo Wii has taken the top spot. 2009 was clearly Nintendo’s year with the Wii taking the top eight positions and nine of the top ten...

  • News Amazon Leaks Zelda: Spirit Tracks UK Release Date

    British gamers will be having a Zelda-themed Christmas, according to retailer

    Nintendo has yet to confirm the exact release window for its upcoming DS epic The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks but that hasn't stopped online retail giant Amazon from picking the date anyway. The important day for UK gamers is 4th December, with Amazon selling Link's latest caper for £24.95 (down from a RRP of..