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  • Random A Look Back at Altered Beast, The Game and Album

    The not-so ugly truth

    The world of games and music often tend to cross paths; for most of us they are both hobbies we enjoy. From the earliest days, the two just seemed to go together. Games like Guitar Hero and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker have tried to mix game and music - to varying levels of success. But, these are examples of the music world...

  • Review 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop)

    Please don't rise from your grave again

    Every video game veteran has a title in its back catalogue which for unknown reasons keeps being dredged up for modern audiences. With Nintendo, it's arguably Urban Champion — a game so lacklustre that it wasn't wanted even back in 1984 — while one-time rival Sega has Altered Beast. A shallow 2D brawler in...