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  • News Penélope Cruz Has the Answer in Professor Layton Advert

    Cruz control

    Movie star, Oscar winner and one-time moustache-wearer Penélope Cruz has returned for another stint at Nintendo advertising, this time turning her considerable talents to Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. During a break in filming, Ms Cruz and her sister Monica are playing the latest entry in Level 5's puzzle series. Penélope...

  • News Bridgestone Responds to Sony's "Kevin Butler" Lawsuit

    All because of a game of Mario Kart Wii

    Yesterday we picked up on the news of an ongoing court case between Sony and the actor behind Kevin Butler or, to be completely accurate, the actor's production company and Bridgestone. Sony's basic complaint was that the actor Jerry Lambert, so commonly known for his work as fictional Sony executive Kevin...

  • News Kevin Butler Actor Seen Near Wii Console... Sony Takes Him to Court

    Yes, really

    Some of you may remember a news article that we posted around a month ago that starred fictional Sony VP Kevin Butler, which we did so with tongue firmly in cheek. We highlighted a Bridgestone tyre advert in which the actor who plays the character, his real name is Jerry Lambert, was seen near a Nintendo Wii, possibly causing indignation...

  • News Kevin Butler Seen Near a Wii Console... Apocalypse Confirmed

    You do know he's a fictional character, right?

    A story is starting to spread around the internet about a marketing betrayal that strikes a blow for Nintendo in the console wars. Or it's an actor doing his job for another company, but that's a lot less fun. Actor Jerry Lambert is regarded as an excellent comedic actor in the U.S., and has appeared...

  • News Whoever said Penélope Cruz, You Were Right!

    Unlikely moustache wearer

    In the latest of a long line of celebrity tie-ups, Penélope Cruz has joined forces with her sister, fellow actress Mónica Cruz, to star in a new campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2. Nintendo teased us yesterday with a picture of the star without revealing who it might be. Our readers had lots of good guesses including...

  • News Dragon Quest X Advert is a Call to Arms

    In Japanese

    Dragon Quest X will no doubt storm the Japanese charts with or without any advertising, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix putting together a cutesy trailer showing off the enemies and action in store. Japanese players can pick up the MMO from 2nd August, with a particularly snazzy black Wii Dragon Quest X bundle on sale too. The game...

  • News Robin Williams and Zelda Team Up for Four Swords Adverts

    Back in the saddle

    Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda after The Legend of Zelda, and now 25 years on he's still connected to the series, as this pair of adverts for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition shows. The first advert shows the Williams clan competing to collect the most Rupees, with Robin so confident he bets his...

  • News Prepare for Celebrity Overload in Nintendo's Christmas Campaign

    It doesn't stop at Jedward

    Nintendo of Europe is very fond of having familiar faces present its campaigns: Ant and Dec represented the brand for years, and Irish nightmare twins Jedward were recently brought on board for the coming Christmas period. That's only the tip of the superstar iceberg however, with the full range of personalities now...

  • News Seth Green Gives Sartorial Advice Using Dragon Quest

    A headline we never thought we'd run

    It's wall-to-wall Dragon Quest IX for DS at the moment as Nintendo's marketing machine is running at close to full speed, with a slew of adverts and the chance to meet the series creator in New York this weekend. Last week we brought you the first commercial starring Seth Green in which he gave a group of girls dating advice – stay with us – and now he's..

  • News Dragon Quest IX Gets a Little Help from Seth Green

    Contains potentially fatal amounts of geek

    Just when you thought your anticipation levels for Dragon Quest IX couldn't get any higher, along comes Nintendo with a new celebrity endorsement to kick your excitement up just another little notch. It may not be quite Beyoncé Knowles advertising Rhythm Paradise, but Seth Green's comical turn in this advert for the upcoming DS RPG may convince a few..

  • News WiiWare Phoenix Wright Makes Most Of Wii Remote

    Shouting "Objection" never felt so natural

    While some might be grumbling about the fact that the upcoming WiiWare editions of Capcom's Phoenix Wright series are little more than straight ports of the DS/GBA originals, one element is likely to bring a smile to the face of pretty much every fan. As this zany Japanese TV commercial illustrates, it's...

  • News New Zelda Advert Takes Different Track

    Not what you'd expect from a Spirit Tracks commercial

    Nintendo has just been in touch with a video of the extended version of the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks commercial being run in the US currently, and it's certainly not your average Zelda commercial. Staying away from the cutesy cartoon characters that typify the game itself, it takes place in...

  • News Wii Sports Resort To Feature Golf, Table Tennis

    Nintendo double-dipping for next 50 million-seller

    It's official: Minigame compilations on Wii have become so numerous that Nintendo themselves have no new sports to exploit. Over at the official Japanese Wii Web site via GoNintendo there's a bunch of new TV spots advertising Motion+ and Wii Sports Resort, revealing two more minigames sure to set the world ablaze. Well, not new in the strictest..

  • News Wario Destroys YouTube

    Nintendo's latest advert for Wario Land: Shake It! literally shakes and breaks YouTube, check it out.

    Wario receives an antique globe and telescope that allow him to travel to the once-idyllic Shake Dimension, now conquered by the tyrannical pirate, the Shake King. With the assistance of his longtime rival, Captain Syrup, he must rescue the Merfles, denizens of the Shake Dimension imprisoned by the..