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This is not meant to be taken as an insult, but SKEASY could be a good game for winding down before bed.

As with many titles from RCMADIAX, the design of SKEASY is very simple: guide your little skiing icon left and right down a never-ending slope, avoiding trees to last as long and attain as high a score as possible. There are no tricks to pull or inevitable yeti to be consumed by. The entirety of the game is keeping your little triangle from a full stop against a tree trunk.

While it's all quite basic and minimalistic, there can be something almost serene about the overall experience. The field of pure white scrolls by with randomly placed trees, a semi-transparent, almost easy-to-miss snow effect gently falling over it all. The skiing icon continuously veers in whichever direction you last pressed, encouraging one to pick up little rhythms of left, right, left, right… (you can also veer off one side of the screen and appear on the other, if you want). It's a design where less can actually feel pretty good in an aesthetic way.

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The music sets a nice, moderate pace but is also a relatively short loop. It can get tiring after a while and it'd be nice to have an option to turn it off; especially if it brings out the pleasant swoosh of snow that can be heard beneath it.

A lack of a pause button is a little disappointing, and the game will start you right back going again after bailing without a "press button to start" prompt or anything. The text "Share on Miiverse" also appears beneath the high score on the upper right corner of the screen. It doesn't take up much real estate, but it's just… there. It's not even a button; it's just a reminder that many players won't need.


SKEASY is not going to keep many players' attentions for extended play periods at a time - its gameplay is as simple as simple gets. Some who are looking for an uncomplicated few-minute filler or a way to just chill a bit, however, might find the powder to their liking.