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Essentially Vigilante is a modernised version of Irem's classic Kung-Fu Master. It's the usual damsel in distress routine. Your gal Madonna is thrown in the back of the baddies truck and whisked away. It is your job to go through various stages to finally rescue her from her captives using a variety of kicks and nunchucks.

The sprites in this game are lovely and big, well shaded and nicely animated. The backgrounds also look great. Baddies jump out of windows and from under you in places. It is non-stop action all the way. The music isn't anything to write home about but doesn't grate either. The bosses have some garbled speech which can be amusing.

The controls are simple, you move left and right, jump, duck, punch and kick. Enemies come from every direction so you must be able to utilize as many moves as possible. Occasionally you can pick up a pair of nunchuks which are worth keeping hold of if you can avoid the stranglers.


Vigilante is a great game for beat em up fans. It's classic arcade fun and can be played in short blasts. However it is a bit short and doesn't have much replay value, so we cannot give it a hearty recommendation.