The Switch is home to a vast variety of games encompassing all sorts of genres from first-person shooters to visual novels, but we can probably all agree that PC Building Simulator is a game that none of us were expecting to see pop up on the eShop (then again, we got Car Mechanic Simulator, so apparently anything's game).

Undoubtedly catered to a very specific audience, PC Building Simulator is an admirable attempt to provide an authentic experience to those who relish the thought of tinkering with the dusty innards of a PC. In the game, you play as a PC expert who runs his/her own repair centre. You'll receive requests via your own desktop email to fix or upgrade PCs, which will be delivered to your office the following day. Parts required to complete the job can also be ordered through your desktop's shopping app, though you'll obviously need to keep an eye on your budget.

When the PCs arrive, you'll begin the arduous task of carrying them to your worktop, taking the panels off the main unit, unplugging cables, replacing parts, putting it back together, before finally hooking it up to a monitor to test and run an antivirus software, if need be. Once everything's done, you ship the PC back to its owner and collect payment via your email.

It's not a game for everyone, that much is obvious. But what it does, it actually does quite well. You can interact with the game using both the touch screen and the physical buttons, so you can move the camera around with the control sticks and perform more intricate tasks - like inserting screws - using your finger. It's surprisingly intuitive, and if nothing else, the game would serve well as an educational tool. On the flip side, it can occasionally be a little too fiddly, and the game's load times are a bit of a nightmare, particularly when booting up the main menu. Additionally, the game features horrific music that really doesn't fit the nature of the gameplay at all, and we'd have expected to see a bit more variety here.