Gravity Duck is an odd little game, but a rather enjoyable one. It’s a 2D, pixel platformer in which you play as a duck gifted with the power to control gravity. After being promised riches in exchange for some golden eggs, the duck sets off to find those eggs in dozens of gravity-bending levels.

The gameplay in Gravity Duck isn’t necessarily centred around ‘controlling’ gravity, but rather ‘understanding’ how it works in such a drastically different way to the norm. Our daring little duck can effectively launch himself from solid ground and land on the level’s ceiling (and vice versa), with gravity reversing accordingly. What this means is that you cannot jump up and land back down on your feet like you would in any other game - you’ll have to alternate between running on the ground and the ceiling in order to navigate through the level and avoid the obstacles.

The levels are set within four different areas: a forest, underground caves, the mountains, and the city. There are roughly 140 in total, each one likely to last you anywhere from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes depending on its difficulty. You’ll find all sorts of different obstacles in your path, including moving blocks, pooping birds, rows of spikes, and more. Navigating through the levels is all about finding the right time to jump, but you also need to consider your flight path at the same time. It’s surprisingly addictive, but not without its faults. The level design feels slightly repetitive after a while, and although the music is catchy, it quickly dawned on us that we’d been listening to the same track on loop for the entire game.

Still, when you consider its low price, Gravity Duck is a genuinely fun little game with a simple premise that works, and works well. It won’t last long, and you may want to pop some of your own tunes on whilst playing it, but taken on its own merits as an addictive little time sink, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.