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The G.G series continues onward, and once again goes back to the platformer genre. G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE does its best to provide gamers with a compact action platformer, and it largely succeeds in achieving this goal. While it may seem a bit derivative at times, the solid platforming action on offer here is both entertaining and challenging, providing gamers with a nearly perfectly balanced experience that should not be missed.

The premise sees players take control of an intrepid treasure hunter as he explores the ancient ruins of a temple. Along the way he must use his trusty whip to dispatch enemies, such as skeletons and bats, and to swing across chasms by using anchor points. The decrepit environments suitably fit the overall theme and the characters that populate them are both charmingly designed and wonderfully animated. While the music selection is a bit lackluster, a small collection of repetitive and generic tunes, it still nonetheless fits the tone and matches the pace of gameplay.

Gameplay feels very similar to the early Castlevania games, with an array of hostile ghouls and a whip for a main weapon further driving this home. Controls are expectedly tight, while levels are well designed and have a difficulty curve that's as smooth as possible. Every ten levels the explorer enters a new environment and these typically bring new hazards and new enemies with them, simultaneously stepping up the challenge and adding more diversity to the individual levels themselves.

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Levels are short and concise, keeping the focus on densely packed challenges that will constantly tempt players to play a bit more aggressively in order to reach that goal door a bit quicker to receive a bigger time bonus. The real genius of the level design comes from how much it's able to squeeze out of so little; just when you think you've seen a hazard used in as many ways as possible, the next level will find some way of employing it in a different way than before.


Overall, G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE manages to provide a surprisingly solid action platformer that continues to deliver new thrills and challenges long after you'd expect it to have run out of ideas. An excellent art direction, tight controls and well designed levels contribute further to this, making it one of the most well rounded entries in the G.G series to date. Do yourself a favour and go download G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE, you likely won't regret picking this one up.