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The next title in the G.G series takes us back to the puzzler genre with yet another take on the tried and true block puzzler. Amazingly enough, this is pulled off with a surprising amount of success and is as enjoyable as it is original. If there's any complaint to be levelled against G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN, it's that the overall experience is rather light on content.

Gameplay takes place on an 11 x 11 grid that has four "dynamos" placed around it, and players are tasked with creating chains between these dynamos by placing like-coloured blocks in a line that connects them. Each time a chain is made the time meter is partially refilled; if it drops to zero, it's game over. This core gameplay is extremely simple but effective, and somewhat echoes the gameplay philosophies of falling block puzzlers.

As the levels wear on, the time gauge will drop faster and more complex or differently coloured blocks will spawn more often. Especially later in the game, it's important that players plan several steps in advance so as not to paint themselves in a corner, so to speak. This makes for an excellent score chaser, but there's little else to see here otherwise. Perhaps it would've been nice if there were a few more game modes or if there were online leaderboards, and the absence of these features makes G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN feel a bit rushed.

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Presentation is minimal and fairly uninspired, but it nonetheless works well. The grid and design of the blocks are meant to evoke a sense of placing computer chips on a motherboard and while this is fine, there's not a lot of attention to detail or anything to really "wow" the gamer. The same thing goes for its music. An extremely repetitive techno tune plays in the background that slightly takes away from the overall experience, by virtue of how irritatingly distracting it can be. While you can't expect a great deal out of a puzzle game presentation-wise, it still would've been nice to have seen a bit more effort.


Overall, G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN is a fun time-sink for those looking for a cheap puzzle game to play. It has an excellent gameplay structure that could potentially lead to hours of entertainment, but it depends on how hooked you are by this main mode as there's nothing else to the total package. Barring some issues with presentation and content, we'd definitely give this one a recommendation. You probably won't find another puzzle game of this quality for this price anywhere else on the eShop, and you're sure to be entertained at least long enough to get your money's worth.