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The next title to look at in the G.G series is yet another action platformer, but it manages to feel distinct from the others in more ways than one. Unlike every G.G game up to this point, G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! focuses less on being an arcade-focused game best suited for quick playthroughs, and more on being an experience that aspires to be more than just a score chaser.

This is a game that can actually be "won", and this time it doesn't result from throwing yourself at a repetitive set of levels that are only differentiated by minor changes in enemy placement and difficulty. G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! certainly feels more fleshed out than its many predecessors and while it still does have its shortcomings, it manages to provide an engaging action platforming experience that may surprise you by how long it holds your attention.

The premise sees players take control of a powerful drilling robot as it smashes its way through legions of enemies and a lot of dirt blocks. Characters are well animated and there's surprising amount of detail in the environments, though it must be said that a bit more enemy variety would've been nice. There are a grand total of two enemies and one recurring boss character, though this is really the only thing that feels lazy about this game.

Gameplay is primarily centred around the somewhat unwieldy drilling mechanic, which is an absolute blast once you get it down. At the tap of a button you'll tear forward and destroy just about everything in your path at a breakneck pace. Busting through long rows of breakable blocks and enemies feels great, and this is supported well by the tight controls. The drill responds to each directional input immediately and decisively, which is much appreciated in later levels when the stages require pixel perfect reaction times to respond to every twist and turn.

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Levels are generally very well designed and follow a smoothly ascending difficulty curve as the game slowly starts applying more pressure. The goal of each stage is to find a black keycard and then the door that it unlocks, which usually is used as a subtle way to get the player to explore the entire stage. Each level is fairly expansive and varied, with a handful of "Secrets" hidden behind some dirt blocks throughout each stage. While it is a bit disappointing that these secrets don't actually unlock anything if you manage to collect them all, they nonetheless add a decent level of replayability to a game where one wouldn't necessarily expect to find it.


Though it does have a few minor shortcomings, G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! certainly could be argued as being the most in depth entry yet in G.G series. Tight controls, good level design, fast paced gameplay and a decent amount of replayability all combine to make a well-rounded and satisfying game that should not be missed. We'd very much suggest you consider picking this one up, it's worth a look for anybody interested in a budget price action platformer.