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This particular title in the G.G Series seems to have been inspired by a certain other futuristic racer, and while it presents an admirable take on the concept of high speed and interstellar racing, its lack of diverse content holds it back from being particularly memorable. That being said, G.G Series COSMO RALLY!! is still an entertaining game and its basic gameplay mechanics make it an experience that'll keep you coming back for more.

The premise places players in the driver's seat of a high powered hover vehicle in a futuristic racing setting. After picking one of three vehicles that vary in top speed and handling, players can choose between an easy or hard tournament and get three attempts at hitting a best time on six different tracks in each. The main problem with this is that tracks don't feel different enough from each other; though each one is technically constructed differently, they all look the same and, as a result, things can get repetitive.

Though the tracks aren't anything special, the sprite designs of the ships you drive around are excellently detailed and are quite pleasing to the eye. The same praise can't be said of the music, however, which is just the same techno track played over and over again. It's not really an irritating tune, but it adds nothing to the experience and doesn't contribute to the overall game in any meaningful way.

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Gameplay unfolds by partaking in solo time trials on each individual track. In tournaments, these times are ranked on a fictional leaderboard that compares you with other planets' racers, while in time trial best times are just kept for the fun of it. Controls are simple and it's enjoyable getting a feel for each individual ship's unique strengths and weaknesses. There's a certain amount of risk and reward that goes into drifting corners, too, as cutting it a bit to short and going off track results in a time penalty. Overall, controls are tight, tracks are generally fair and well designed - despite the aforementioned lack of variety - and chasing best times is a fun way to pass a few minutes.


If one can look past the paltry amount of content on offer, G.G Series COSMO RALLY is an enjoyable experience. The responsive controls and short tracks really encourage the "one more try" mentality as players battle to shave a few more precious seconds off of their best times. While there may not be a whole lot of diversity on offer - a few more cars and tracks would've contributed greatly to the title's longevity - G.G Series COSMO RALLY is a fun arcade racer at a budget price, and one that's worth a download for fans of the genre.