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Short, sweet, and to the point. That's the phrase that best describes most games in the G.G series and G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON is no different - it offers an interesting and enjoyable gameplay experience that's over just about as quickly as it's begun. While it would be nice if there was a bit more meat to it, what is present is fun, engaging, and well worth a look for any fans of run 'n' gun action games.

The premise sees players take control of a robot that behaves in a manner very similar to a Transformer, as he embarks on a mission to "destroy the core". There's nothing here that even remotely resembles a storyline, which is a real shame because the excellent spritework and environments seem to suggest that a simple one could exist. Nonetheless, the robotic theme of the environments and enemies is charming and engaging, somewhat bringing to mind the early Mega Man X games.

Gameplay progresses in a classic run 'n' gun fashion that provides both challenging platforming and briskly paced shooting. The robot initially takes a humanoid form that can double jump and has a short range, rapid fire gun that can shoot in eight directions. But, a tap of the "X" button turns the robot into a car-like vehicle that moves significantly faster and has a powerful, long range cannon that shoots in two directions. This setup ensures that gameplay is kept diverse and engaging, as the moveset enables the player to approach challenges in different ways according to a preferred play-style. Later levels feature obstacles that necessitate mastery of both forms and the advantages of each, often in creative or unconventional ways.

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Levels are chosen by selecting one of four stages from a menu and fighting through four smaller "areas" within each one, with the fourth area being a boss fight. While it's nice to have some choice in choosing stages, there's really not a whole lot of variety between them; they're basically just palette swaps with different backgrounds. The same four enemy types populate each one and the bosses at the end are just the same boss with different weapon configurations. While the gameplay does manage to carry the game and make these levels worth playing through regardless, it cannot be ignored that the small handful of stages are fairly repetitive.


G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON is a fun run 'n' gun action game that's over just a bit too quick. That being said, the rock solid gameplay makes it a good ride while it lasts and ultimately outweighs the complaints that can be made about the relatively barebones presentation of the overall product. If you're looking for a quick shot of good quality, classic 2D shooting action at a budget price, then this is a game for you.