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If you've read our review of the Wii U version of Word Search by POWGI, you'll know that this download takes a no-frills approach to translating a very popular paper-based puzzle to a screen. However, while the Wii U version at least tries to add a tiny bit more variety with a very limited multiplayer mode, this portable version has no such additions.

Yes, this is almost identical to the Wii U version, down to the irritating loop of music, drab graphics and endless amount of puzzles. Actually, the puzzles are almost the same as well, so you wouldn't want to purchase both versions, especially when this is the exact same price as the console download and has even less to recommend it. When you've stripped a word search game of its one added feature and leave it as a solo experience, you aren't left with much.

Word Search by POWGI Review - Screenshot 1 of

So, you're in for pretty much the same 300+ puzzles with the same lack of reward. There aren't many compelling reasons to purchase this game, but at least being available on a portable device means there's some small justification for those who want some simple puzzling while on the move.


Thankfully there's a demo available on the eShop for you to give this a try, but we're willing to bet that's all you're likely to want to play of this rather uninspired download. There are so many other puzzle games on the 3DS that are far more enjoyable and engaging, so we suggest you look elsewhere unless you really, really like word searches.