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The Picross e series seems to have settled in its ways now, not choosing to add any more additional features and simply having new sets of puzzles with each release. Picross e6 is no exception, once again playing it very safe and just giving you more pictures to unveil.

Again, the three available modes are Picross, Micross and Mega Picross. Picross is the standard game mode, where you use the numbers left and above the puzzle to deduce which squares need to be filled in and which ones should be left alone. Each of these regular puzzles can be played with the standard rules or with "Free" rules, where no hints or time deductions are given. If you make a mistake, the game won't tell you and you could potentially keep going for several minutes before noticing things don't seem to add up.

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Micross offers another three puzzles based on classic paintings, where each one is actually made up out of a ton of smaller puzzles. You can freely select which section you'd like to solve next, which then eventually reveals the whole thing. Each Micross puzzle has so many segments that it can easily take close to an hour to solve them all; these also use Free rules, which cannot be changed.

Mega Picross is mostly like the regular mode, but also adds a special number type into the mix, which tells you of a set of connected squares in not just one, but two columns or rows, requiring you to think extra hard. If the number's an 11, for example, it could simply go straight down one column for 10 squares and then move over into the other for one more tile, but it could also snake back and forth constantly.

Longtime fans of the series will again be rewarded with a few bonus puzzles, as each save you have for one of the first three Picross e titles will unlock an additional 5 Micross puzzles in a special gift menu. Just like the previous Picross e5 the newer titles don't seem to unlock anything, which is a bit puzzling.

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Just like all the game modes, all the extra features have naturally returned as well. For those who choose to foray into Picross for the first time with e6, there are plenty of handy tutorials explaining exactly how to play, as well as a hint feature that you can choose to use or ignore.


It's beginning to sound a bit like a broken record, but Picross e6 is really just more of the same. There are no new features here, just another set of puzzles to solve. It's still really fun to play, so fans of the series should have no problem enjoying this one as well - perhaps the next title will add something new again?