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We originally only got two Puzzle to Go games before the series took a break for about a year, but since its return we've now already very quickly gotten three more of them, including this newest release, Sightseeing.

It should now come as absolutely no surprise that this instalment is once again pretty much exactly the same as all previous ones, just with a minor facelift to change the theme. If you actually bought the previous games, you can likely navigate the game's menu blindly by now, as it's once again exactly the same as before. Of course, the same two modes are the only things available once more as well.

The standard mode yet again only has ten pre-made puzzles, this time featuring sightseeing locations like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, and it's once again a complete chore to get anything but the first four puzzles, as you'll need to play every one of them several times on different difficulties to unlock more. The photo mode is still more compelling, with it being able to turn any picture into a puzzle without having to worry about annoying unlock requirements.

Solving puzzles is still done by moving around with the D-Pad or face buttons and grabbing puzzle pieces with the stylus, then sliding them around to connect them to matching pieces, which they'll automatically latch on to. This still works as fine as ever, but that's not what feels so lazy about these releases — it's the fact that every single one of them is the exact same, differing only in pictures.

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Of course, that also means that the music and graphics are, naturally, the exact same as before, which basically means Puzzle to Go maintains their dubious honor as one of the laziest series on DSiWare.


There's now five Puzzle to Go games, and each is exactly the same save for the standard puzzle images. The general gameplay mechanics still work fine, and the photo mode is still a neat feature, but Tivola is clearly unwilling to make the main game less tedious.