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We've seen quite a few DSiWare applications from Nintendo, from stinkers such as Photo Clock to highly praised ones like Flipnote Studio. Now we have Sleep Clock, which works as both an alarm clock as well as a tool for recording your sleep patterns for analysis. Considering that the DSi already has a built-in alarm clock, is this worth your points?

There are three main areas of the app: the Alarm Clock, which lets you set three times at once, the Sleep Graph and the Sleep Chart. You can also set snooze times between three and 15 minutes, and there are six different alarm sounds available, from birds chirping to the standard beep. You can also use any clips you recorded on the DSi Sound channel, which is good as it opens up a lot of choice for your alarm settings.

A sheep called “Mr. Sheep” will act as a guide while you're using Sleep Clock through a quick introduction, which is rather helpful at first but after this, he doesn't really help you at all. He'll simply give the odd message when you tap on him on the main menu, statistics in the sleep charts area and a colour graph guide in the Sleep Graphs section – not exactly the "Sleep Expert" as advertised.

Every time you set an alarm, the data will be recorded onto Sleep Clock and can be viewed from the Sleep Graph later on. It also contains the ability to manually add previous times and whether you believed you had a good, ok or bad sleep, which is a good addition to the analysis features of the app.

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Once a minimum of three sleep charts have been added, you can have a look at a more detailed view of your sleep patterns in the Sleep Chart section, and these can be filtered to settings like how good you considered your sleep to be as well as comparisons of when you fell asleep, the amount of time you slept on each day and when you woke up, which are some nice additions to the application. Despite this, however, it doesn't really do much on terms of "analysis," only offering you compiled statistics in graphs, which is disappointing and slightly misleading.


While the ability to analyse your sleep patterns make this more than just a glorified alarm clock, it doesn't really offer much more to help shake off that feeling. For just 200 points, though, you could do a lot worse.