Flips: Silent But Deadly Review - Screenshot 1 of 1

The range of Flips books available on DSiWare keeps on growing, with Silent but Deadly the latest in the Too Ghoul for School range released. With the same interface and style as previous entries in the series, you won’t be surprised to hear it “plays” as well as the other entries, with a smooth page-turning system making it easy to navigate, and the font nice and clear, though there's no option to scale the text if you find it too small.

Tapping on certain emboldened words and character names will trigger a sound effect or bring up a character profile, and although it's not the most exciting addition it still keeps you playing attention. Should your focus wane, the touch screen gets covered in dust that you have to wipe off with the stylus!

As for the story itself, it’s a tale of teachers, pupils and transmogrifying gas clouds, with the series’ usual penchant for the enjoyably crude. It’s a decent length, with quizzes to break up chapters and keep you a bit more interested in the book at hand, and there’s a bonus book to unlock as well, though it’s not quite as long as the main story


If you’ve enjoyed previous entries in the series, you’ll know what to expect from this: mischievous kids, duplicitous teachers and just the right amount of toilet humour. The interface works well and it’s easy to find yourself reading just a little longer than you’d thought, so you could easily while away a few hours with this one.