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So you liked the original Adventures of Lolo and want more? Well, look no further. The sequel's basically the exact same. Like the first game, the objective is to collect all the Heart Framers in a room to open up a treasure chest. Then you enter the next room, and do it all over again.

Of course this is once again made more difficult by traps and enemies scattered around the room. Some enemies will actively seek you out, others follow a specific pattern, others are only activated once you collect all Heart Framers, etc.

There are also items such as bridges which you can use to cross rivers, as well as green blocks which you can shove around to block enemies. Of course the all important egg attack from the first game, which turns any enemy it hits into an egg, also returns.

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This game's more of an expansion than a sequel, really - there are no new gameplay mechanics at all. The only changes are slightly different graphics for a few monsters, new (obviously!) and harder puzzles and the fact that the game has an actual boss battle at the end this time. There are still 50 puzzles altogether, just like the first game.

Professional players can enter the passwords PROA, PROB, PROC and PROD to access 4 "Pro" levels. If you thought you were great at solving puzzles these four will make you rethink that!


There's not much else to say about the game. If you liked the first one and want another set of 50 levels (plus 4 extra challenges and a boss) with no gameplay changes, then by all means get this game. If you'd rather have some new gameplay elements, then I'd suggest waiting for Adventures of Lolo 3, which introduces two of them (as for what they are.. wait and see!).