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This is basically Puyo Puyo given a lick of paint, but that's no bad thing as Puyo Puyo is an excellent Tetris-style game which is amazingly addictive in two-player mode.

A series of beans of the mean variety fall into a pit. Your job is to rotate and arrange the falling beans. If you get four of the same coloured beans in a row then you take them out. The trick is to set up chains by arranging other beans to fall in a row. Chains and combos are the key to success here!

As a one player game you could get bored of this easily. The CPU puts up a decent challenge but it's only fun for a while. With two players this game really shines.

There is a password feature to allow you to continue your game against the CPU which is a nice touch. You can just jump back into the action if you break for a 2 player game.

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The design is clearly intended to encourage two-player competition, and longtime puzzle genres fans will tell you that Puyo Puyo is one of the best head-to-head games ever crafted. Two Wiimotes are sufficient to get your multiplayer game on here through the VC, where the Dr. Robotnik version of Puyo has held up well.


The visuals and sound are fairly average by today's standards but that isn't really what matters here. If you're after a decent puzzle game you could do much worse. Well worth a download.