Super Monkey Ball comprises 6 mini-games on top of the main game with over 90 stages. What more could be packed into Sega's first game on a Nintendo console? It's one of those rare games that keeps you up late into the night so that you can just get past one more tricky level.

The graphics are nice and clean with vibrant colours - not realistic in any way, but then it isn't supposed to be (you are guiding a monkey in a ball around a level, remember). The level environments look great, with wave and reflection effects perfectly simulated and everything runs at an impressive 60fps, with no pop-up or noticeable slowdown. The music is catchy and the cute monkey noises will put a smile on the face of players young and old.

The game is played by tilting the floor - which may seem odd at first, but after a few plays seems the most natural thing in the world. The perfectly calibrated analogue stick on the Gamecube controller proves its worth as you roll and bounce around the levels like a natural born monkeyball roller.

With 7 different playing styles (all with optional multiplayer) you will not tire of this game quickly. But if you do manage to finish the levels there's some extra levels and master difficulty to unlock - if you can manage to complete the game without using a continue. Good luck!


Super Monkey Ball is a great game that shows off the Gamecube's graphical abilities whilst being one of the most fun multiplayer party games available. Even if the main play mode doesn't appeal we're sure the other play modes will appeal to you. Its arcade roots mean the game is of the pick-up and play variety - great for a quick blast before going out.