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"Psygnosis could've released a port / rehash but us Nintendo 64 gamers were treated to an exclusive: delivering the best of the franchise at that time. Seven tracks were people's negative but quality was important here ? mastering them on Phantom tested the pros; varied challenges kept the one-player interested. The signature soundtrack didn't disappoint; enhancing its futuristic feel. Not ground breaking but a delightful Wipeout."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"A curious case this. The seven tracks of the game where made from parts of tracks available on Playstation Wipeout entries, re-skinned and often reversed. The really good thing is the analogue control, at the time much better than the Playstation ones. PC Music delivered a very good soundtrack on the CD audio-less N64. What other console lets you play both Wipeout and F-Zero?"

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"Reminds me of f-zero x, but worse. I have no idea what is going on throughout this game, I just race and lose, race and lose, and race and lose. I felt that the racing was very bare bones and mediocre. If you're looking for a fast, exciting racing game on the n64, just get f-zero x. It has way better mechanics and courses."

6/10 - NintendoDork 64

"A bit of a remix of previous Playstation titles, analog control makes it the superior version and paved the way for gameplay improvements seen in later iterations. A great, thrilling ride marred only by limited cartridge size. Even still, they managed to fit three great licensed music tracks in. Who knew Fluke's haunting Goodnight Lover would make such compelling racing? Don't compare to F-Zero."

8/10 - Mommar 64

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Ah, well. I suppose this own had deserved to get more attention. The cover is horrible, though. Doesn't give a hint of the great art style Wipeout is famous for (see the cover of the Saturn version for instance).


Had many good times with this game as a kid though I admit I wasn't very good at it back then. Still had some good times despite that!


A good game for the N64, though F-Zero will always reign supreme! Bwahah!


I remember this being disappointing compared to the PS1 versions. The loading times must have been much better though!


A very good version of a Wipeout game but the pop-up/draw-in is really obvious these days.


I find the fact that Sony, who owned Psygnosis, allowed a version of Wipeout to be produced for a competitor console. Especially when you consider that competitor to be Nintendo, whom I was under the impression Sony entered the market to destroy.

I've always been interested in playing this game. I bought F-Zero X which I play a lot. If I find this cheap, may pick it up.


@FragRed you are aware that Nintendo essentially gave Sony the Playstation right? nintendonand Sony designed the Playstation together, then Nintendo got cold feet on the new technology (Cd-ROM), bailed on Sony, who then took their work and made the ultra popular Playstation. Sony did not enter the market to destroy Nintendo, they were there to help...


@Platypus101 That's not at all how it happened. Sony's lawyers crafted an agreement in which they would get most of the profits from publishing games, including the ones designed by Nintendo themselves, leaving them in the dust.

Sony would get to control and license all CD-based games for the console, as well as SNES cartrigdes, meaning Nintendo was at their mercy. They'd have no control over license and manufacturing.


@dudujencarelli sorry... I didn't think we had time for detailed history lesson.. you are aware we are both saying the same thing,right? I just shortened the ever living carp out of a very detailed story... (Currently there is at least one of each in the works: book, movie -indiegogo, and theatrical stage production - also Kickstarter) read/saw reading of the play, looking forward to the actual book! Seeing how the tables haves turned once again in the console wars! Thank you for clarifying data and fact!


@dudujencarelli Pretendo:The Musical! That's what is was called... Had too look through my old tickets from this year it doesn't seem to have become an actual production... But if you should ever get a chance to see it, it's a treat, plus why not support the arts and show your love of video games at the same time?!


@FragRed Sony didn't own Psygnosis when this game was made for the N64, in fact ports of WipEout (the original) and WipEout XL were also released for the Sega Saturn as well. Sony didn't buy Psygnosis and all their IPs until 2000 which is a few years after this game was released. The WipEout series itself was also never a Sony exclusives to begin with just like Metal Gear and Resident Evil.

Also Platypus101 and dudujencarelli, the Sony and Nintendo CD add-on Play Station history had nothing to do with Psygnosis and WipEout.


wait... whats a playstation exclusive series doing on nintendo!?


@xj0462 wait... whats a playstation exclusive series doing on sega!?

This is the closest you'll get to a PlayStation game on a Sega system too.


There was a 64 version?


@Dpishere 100 percent agree. I had some good fun playing it, but most of my racing time was dedicated to Mario Kart 64.


There were far too many racing games on the N64, its a good thing I love racing games, but for the High Speed racers, I just never got into Wipeout, I much preferred Extreme-G, and Star Wars Episode 1: Racer.


Daww, probably not gonna review glover then - Yoshi's story and Ocarina still left


both wipeouts were on saturn, whats your man talking about!!, i loved wipeout 64 but it just reminds me of bad times.


@santaglause hahaha.....sorry, shouldn't laugh but that story is not what I expected to read in this review......brilliant/tragic post dude!!


@RoomB31 exact same here man, ex-g and episode 1 were my favourite speed racers on the n64. Tons of time poured into them!!
having got an n64 again recently I've just picked up a game called aero gauge which I didn't remember but is another in the f zero/wipeout ballpark aswell!


@ULTRA-64 I remember aeroguage, do not remember how good/terrible it was.


I had some fun playing this game. While it eventually was overshadowed by my other games it was still a nice little diversion for me.


This just makes me want an infinitely expanded Virtual Console, when are we gonna get that?


@FritzFrapp my personal favourite I was hoping for was wrecking' balls which, unless I've missed it, seems to have been skipped in favour of the many driving game reviews =(
I kind of remember Glover btw, I reckon about 64 words and I'd remember it properly


I rented this, it's a good game in its own right, pretty difficult but graphics and sound were excellent. However, F-zero was faster and better


@retro_player_22 i had a saturn in that gen and there would have been over a hundred games on saturn and playstation, tomb raider, resident evil, saturn versions of all 2d games were better on saturn streetfighter alpha 2 being prime example, dont try and put down a console that saved me as a teenager.


Really liked this on PlayStation and especially the sequel, 2097. The N64 version is very solid but the problem was it was beaten to market by the effortlessly superior F-Zero X so didn't have much of an impact


I do get sick of people comparing this game to F-Zero. The type of racing and mechanics were remarkably different. The only similarity is cars in the future. Otherwise they were aiming for entirely different styles of play.

It's too bad they could only fit three licensed tracks on this one. I remember I used to have a stereo with audio in that could play CD audio at the same time it was piping in another audio source. I used to turn off all in game music and throw on other electronic music compilations in the CD player so I could get something closer to the experience on other consoles. Goodnight Lover and Absurd made for great racing tracks but Bang On was a pretty weak effort by the Propeller Heads IMO.


@Deanster101 I don't want to compare this to F-Zero because each game is brilliant in it's own way, but the highest speed class in Wipeout 64 is faster than F-Zero.
Yeah, this game has some bad pop-up issues, but the control is excellent, the track designs are good, and it's too darn fast to even notice. lol

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