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"Combining Tetris with terraforming isn?t your usual recipe for making a video game. Nevertheless, the Pickford Bros. managed to take these elements and merge them into the creative tour de force that was Wetrix. A thrilling 3D puzzler in which you attempt to create lakes to contain a never ending flood of water; it's remarkable just how tense the gameplay can get at times."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"This is one of the few time when I have been truly sad to see a sequel only be available on a competing system, as Aqua Aqua only ever came out for the PS2. I feel the sting that Bayonetta fans without a Wii U are feeling, and I compare the two without joking, Wetrix was I game I played for hours on end."

9/10 - Pod 64

"Water? Check. Rubber duckies? Check. Crazy concept for a puzzle type game that is strangely addicting? Check. The name actually makes sense once you play the game. You are trying to prevent the area from getting too wet. So simple at first glance but takes a lot to master. Going back and forth with a sibling for a high score provides endless replay value."

9/10 - XCWarrior 64

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Alright, glad to see that with Tetrisphere and Wetrix on this list we have the most innovative puzzlers of the late 90ies covered.
Where are the remakes? The VC versions?


Criminally underrated puzzle game. The best thing that ever happened to the "Falling blocks" genre.


The idea is great indeed. I found it great back then, but never go the chance to play it until recently. Where it's still a great concept. But then..., the gameplay reaches its limits fairly quickly and then is plainly chaotic.


Never played this but seen it about cheap second hand.....assumed it was rubbish as I'd never heard it mentioned in gaming circles....looks like I was wrong! Watch it never show up cheap again now I'm looking for it.


Awesome game. I remember playing the 64 version at a friends house.

Then I got the PS2 sequel/whatever it is named Aqua Aqua.


I would give the lives of 100 other Nintendo Life users to have this game put on the virtual console. Your sacrifices will be for the good of all us other players!


A great little puzzler, but how does this get a 9 when Tetrisphere got a 6? The latter has various modes and heaps of stages to play. There is content for weeks in there. Wetrix, though, is fine for an hour before it gets rather old. And you've already seen everything it offers within the first 20 minutes.


Ocean! I remember those guys. I remember all those movie-to-game games they did too... <_<


I'd forgotten about this gem. I would LOVE to see an updated "HD" version of this game come out on the Wii U or PC.


This game sounds pretty fun honestly, so it's a shame I never got a chance to play it.


Ok, I feel kinda dumb. I JUST NOW realized that all of these N64 reviews are 64 words long. lol

EDIT: Or, at least, they are no longer than 64 words.

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