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Turok 2

"Acclaim Entertainment took the successes and failures of its original first-person shooter for N64 and used them to influence the creation of a sequel that was superior in virtually every single way. The campaign mode is much more tightly designed, although getting lost is still quite easy at times. When played using an Expansion Pak, the game looks great but the frame rate suffers."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"I am always amazed that whenever a countdown of the greatest FPS games is posted somewhere that neither Turok or Turok 2 is featured. People credit it with mad weapons and the cerebral bore, but forget the music, the dynamic engine and some of the best shooting mechanics of any game ever- a truly epic series deserving praise and the credit it infinitely deserves"

10/10 - HappyMaskedGuy 64

"Turok 2 is everything a sequel should be. It improved on the already quite ambitious original, taking the series into new heights. You must however make a hard choice: Do you prefer to play with smoother frame rate or sharper visuals? It's up to you if use the RAM expansion pak. Oh, ever feel the need to gross out someone? Two words: Cerebral Bore."

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"Turok 2 is one of the greatest looking N64 games. The game featured tonnes of dino 'sploding gore in a classic FPS find-key-open-door style maze runner. Shooters have taken many turns since, but as an example of a classic health collecting, weapon finding FPS this title serves dutifully. Weapons were over the top and provided much entertainment. Multiplayer was serviceable but brought nothing new."

8/10 - Swankenstein 64

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Loved Turok 2... Spent a lot of time on that one. Great weapons in that game.


Played this game way back then on the N64. This was my first FPS game, and I loved the weapons in it. It was also kind of scary, because ya'know... I was a kid. XP


Wow, really? This game was terrible.


Loved this game. We played a lot of the Monkey Tag multiplayer in college. The cerebral bore was torturous. The graphics at the time were far as consoles go anyway.


Does anybody else remember the mr. happy textures you could apply to the overworld in this game?


I love the Port of Adia music in this game. That first level was just so awesome.


This game used to scare the hell out of me! I used to get lost every single time I played but didn't care because it was so fun and the guns are so cool! Used to use the cheat "bewareoblivionisathand" to unlock everything then just pick a random mission and walk around for hours shooting stuff. The boss fights were also really fun!


Fog of war lol!

I really liked this game way more then most probably did. It had a nice control set up and more then enough interesting places to explore. So many good memories for this one!

Edit: Wow I read that as the first game. This one was better in almost every way. Loved them both but not 3 so much.


I remember playing this and smash bros one night for a 14 hour gaming session. Shock the monkey


I remember playing this and smash bros one night for a 14 hour gaming session. Shock the monkey


Yeah this game was alright. I always preferred Turok Rage Wars though


It's funny how the greatest FPS's were created on this Nintendo Platform. Now it's kind of different...


I liked this game up until the later stages. They became mazes of frustration and it felt like they gave up on designing open levels and just made corridors instead. The earlier levels though.... Awesome. Loved getting head shots with the bow and seeing the enemies tumble while running.


@Genesaur You have no taste, if this is truly your belief.
I can understand criticisms levelled at its frame rate, but for its time, Turok 2 was pushing the boundaries of what was possible on any console, with workmanship and artistry that still holds solidly today.
Terrible? Really? Clearly you have not played it, or you don't understand a good game. I can name a good few 'classic' games that have fared far worse to time than this.
Try again, with eyes anew


I still have my Turok 2 N64 cart in very good condition. This game blew me away as a kid, but it got like really scary at times and it was hard for me to continue. Then I went online and found out about the cheat code that gives you everything and I started to play the later levels. This game was so moody, dark and full of violence. It definitely is better than most shooters today.


@HappyMaskedGuy C'mon, man, you're seriously levelling the whole "no taste" argument on this? I'm not insulting Super Metroid, or suggesting that (I dunno) DDR or Minecraft have made no impact on the industry.

I have played this game, and yes, I think it's awful. I couldn't care less about the frame rate. I hated the level structure, the lack of music looping, and the general sense of boredom that was overwhelming a few levels in. Now, to be fair, I don't much care for first-person shooters as a whole, and remember: my opinion is not reflective of yours, nor does it harm or discredit your opinion, so please chill out.


Please do a one on Turok Rage Wars, that's one of the N64's most unappreciated games.


Turok 2 wasn't the best game, and it hasn't aged well, but it was pretty good at the time. I remember playing it at my friend's house when it came out, and we were both scared like crazy (we were in elementary school at the time). It was a heck of a lot of fun at the time, even if it hasn't aged as well as Perfect Dark or Goldeneye.


This game was good. I had bought the N64 expansion pak and everything. Nice boost in resolution for the time and especially for a home console.


A fantastic fps classic. It was a quite intimidating game, because of it's difficulty and size(levels are huge and confusing). I was constantly searching for ammo and health pickups You're really on your own in this game, no arrows or waypoints showing where u should walk next..

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