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Top Gear Rally

"As a rally racer, TGR was not alone on the N64. Yet it stood shoulders above the competition. Its copious variables really added longevity; taking time to become skilled enough to be an expert, whether racing in snow or choosing the right suspension. Graphically impressive with excellent course layouts and locations: Strip Mine a personal favourite. Despite preferring cart racers, I appreciate TGR's appeal."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"At the time there really was no other game that came close to capturing the feel of a rally racing game quite like this one. Although it has been bettered since, it still holds up today and is tricky to master. Well designed courses and surprisingly deep options make up for a lack of tracks, though the tracks feel fresh in different weather conditions."


"One of the best N64 rally games i remember back in the day, good two player action, with no loss of speed, handling used the controller to the limit graphics were average but the feeling of speed was noy lost and the teco no pop music gave the race that extra buzz may be i will dig it out and give it another go."

8/10 - Daz-brum 64

"There is no doubt in my mind that this game was the major reason I kept coming back to my N64 time and time again, the physics and sense of realism for its time were undeniable, fluid and fun. The N64 not only had other rally racers, but an abundance of racing games period, but Top Gear Rally holds something special in my heart!"

9/10 - RoomB31 64

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I remember this one, the follow up with random track thingy bob and ultra damage which often left me chugging around the track didn't really work for me.


I like it for what it was and did but only because no one else was offering anything close to it on Nintendo systems. I probably played it more then I should've because I really wanted it to be a great game for Nintendo.

We need Project Cars now!!


Really enjoyed this game, the controls were quite tricky and took awhile to master the corners but the tracks were interesting, having the different weather options was fun and multiplayer was ok (although disappointing couldn't get CPU cars in this option). Graphics were great, smooth and clear and the car-painting option was a nice touch. 7/10 for me.


Loved this but remember it didn't review brilliantly at the time.

Would snap up a VC re-release but am more interested in getting the original Top Gear from the SNES (better music)


The first game i ever played on my N64 back then. i was dissapointed because i was excited for Mario 64, once i get it, i never looked back to finish this game.


Played this game only fairly recently, as I heard it'd be good and I enjoyed some other titles in the Top Gear series. But I was thoroughly disappointed and (though not the major problem for me personally) I cannot understand how this game has "great graphics". What about the sequel, btw? Never played it, as it's so rare.
If one Top Gear game deserves to be on the list, I'd say – no, not Overdrive! – Hyperbike! One of an impressive number of great motorbike racers on the N64. Impressive for its graphics, its speed and the complete openness of its off-road tracks.


This game is poo poo.


There was also a game called Top Gear overdrive?

Never played it but remember the box - stripey blue car with teeth.


i liked top gear overdrive more cause it was a fun arcade style racer, but top gear rally was pretty good too. unless i missed it, hope world driver championship makes the "64" list. that was probably my favorite sim racer along with the f1 game on the n64.


I love more this game than Overdrive. I miss it, i change this game years ago.


I rented this back then and it was the first "realistic" racing game I played. I never even knew what rally racing was prior to this game, but after playing this game, I concluded that it was something that I liked. I never got around to playing the sequel but this game showed unparallel realism at the time in racing games and for that I loved it. 8/10

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