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Super Smash Bros.

"It may feature a limited number of characters and stages compared to later instalments, but Super Smash Bros. packed one hell of a punch when it landed in 1999. It feels a tad sluggish today, but the brawl 'em up's arena style gameplay system stills offers an addictive and frantic multiplayer experience. The merging of different Nintendo universes appears seamless, authentic and oddly sensical."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"I remember picking this up on a school trip to France. I loved the game so much, back then! It still holds up well today. In fact, I actually prefer the original Smash's version of "race to the finish". Also, Saffron city is y favourite of all of the Pokemon themed levels. Admittedly, Smash 64 is now obsolete if you own a more recent version."

8/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"It may feature a limited number of characters and stages compared to later instalments, but Super Smash Bros. packed one hell of a punch when it landed in 1999. It feels a tad sluggish today, but the brawl 'em up's arena style gameplay system stills offers an addictive and frantic multiplayer experience. The merging of different Nintendo universes appears seamless, authentic and oddly sensical"

10/10 - Nintenbomba64 64

"The start of one of my favorite series ever. Coming late to the N64 party, I didn't get this title until 2000. I pretty much only played as Link, something that I've mostly stuck to since. Its successors improved the game in every possible way, but now and then I get the urge to pick up this classic and have a blast with friends."

9/10 - ZBomber 64

"The one that started it all, the one game where Nintendo proved that they too could go all out. SPOILERS: I did not know Captain Falcon was a secret character on this, so when I unlocked him he quickly rose up to my favourite character even today! An amazing if somewhat insane experience, a multiplayer fest that plays well even today, a Nintendo64 classic!"

10/10 - Shiryu 64

"This is the one game you think of when you think "Nintendo 64". A true classic that still holds value and charm today. It's impressive how a little zero-budget weekend hobby project turned out to be a game that spawned one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time, but you couldn't possibly describe Super Smash Bros. as being anything but that."

10/10 - BaffleBlend 64

"If you have any other smash bros game don't bother getting this unless you're a collector, or just a big nintendo fan. That's not to say this game is bad by any means, far from it. It's just that every smash brothers improves on pretty much everything from the last game. (unless you consider melee better than brawl) I still think this game rocks."

9/10 - NintendoDork 64

"+4-player simultaneous fighting +mashes up some of most memorable Nintendo franchises +simple controls don't require combo memorization +easy to learn, difficult to master +easier to juggle opponents which provides interesting gameplay difference from sequels -very limited single player -lacks insane amount of content that sequels deliver -gameplay is a bit raw -one of a few N64 cartridges with battery save that will eventually die"

8/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"It's the beginning Nintendo's ultimate four player fighting series. The first Smash Bros has a lot less content than the games that followed it but it was still a great start. Most of the mechanics the games still have were found here. ALthough there have been a lot more characters, stages and games in the sequels, it´s always nice to go back to SSB."

9/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Imagine putting Street Fighter on the Nintendo 64, making it fun and adding Nintendo characters in it. I don't even, either. What made Nintendo even think of this game is a mystery, but we have one of the finest multiplayer experiences here. Forget your hadoukens, it's time to PK Fire and Falcon Kick your way to Master Hand. Beware of the Metal Head Plumber."

9/10 - Truner 64

"The one that started it all. It started an absolute MONSTER of a franchise that would do things like bring Fire Emblem to the US, and Revive the Kid Icarus franchise, but it's more than just a starting point for the Smash Bros Franchise. It Defied the traditional fighting game standards and more importantly did it RIGHT! It also started the Captain Falcon Memes!"

9/10 - Whydoievenbother 64

"I got this game without a clue what I was buying. I just saw my favourite characters on the cover. I played it non stop with my friends. Great and innovative mechanic for the fights, easy to pick up for new comers, the crazy concept. Newer entries sure make for better games, but the feeling I got from this one is unparalleled to date."

9/10 - Al_Godoy 64

"I have never been a huge fan of Kirby games, but my absolute dominance in this game when playing as Kirby is the reason I like the character today. My group of friends would play this game well into the night basically every night for at at least a summer; loser gives up a controller. That summer may be my most cherished gaming experience."

10/10 - earthboundlink 64

"When I first played this on the virtual console for the Wii, (I didn't know Melee or Brawl that time, or even the name "Super Smash Bros.") I was amazed that every Nintendo character's powers (moves) can be connected to a fighting game + kudos to the graphics for a N64 game. The game's also comical in a way (I mean, look at their face!)"

9/10 - 64

"Good Roster of characters, fun innovative gameplay, but ultimately this game is brought down by its bad controls and lack of options. It laid the foundation for an amazing series, but this is easily the worst entry in the series. But it's easily forgivable seeing as it's the first game in the series. But let's just say this game hasn't aged well at all."

6/10 - SecondServing 64

"Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't get hit. Don't"

10/10 - Isai 64

"Fighting games was always a little boring to me, sometimes I played for the story but never was a great player in the genre. Everything changes after Super Smash Bros., it blew my mind! What the hell? Pikachu? Kirby? Mario? Link? Fighting each other? My god, the surprise, the joy, the innovation, everything was amazing. It may be bellow modern standarts but still awesome."

9/10 - Frank90 64

"Spent many hours playing on this little beauty, Despite fighting games not being my cup of tea. Picked one of the cutest contestants available, Till today its electric powers remain unshakable. With my siblings we fought battled, Through many arenas we grappled. One chose the forceful and mighty Kong, Another swears the armoured hunter can't do wrong. Along with a boosted level nine bot, We played into the night quite a lot."

10/10 - onery 64

"A classic that turned the fighting game genre on its head. The small stage and character list allows more of a focus than any of the later Smash Bros. games had, and the speed makes it one of the best N64 games to play today without getting nauseous after too much play. So grab three friends and jump in-- it's still an excellent game."

10/10 - SparkOfSpirit 64

"Childhood Classic really. One thing that makes this game stand out from the others is how unique it was. Later insatallments feel very similar to each other, which by no means is a bad thing, but this game just felt sort of cartoony and just had a real nice flare to it. This game has gone on to create a popular and memorable franchise."

9/10 - Hero-of-WiiU 64

"The original Smash Bros may be a bit rough around the edges (especially so if you've gotten used to playing its sequels), but the legacy it has left and the basic fundamentals it set in place cannot be praised enough. A great multiplayer experience, the N64 installment was a revelation for people who, prior to its release, were unable to get into the genre."

9/10 - bizcuthammer 64

"It's the first N64 game that I actually enjoyed playing more than any other games in the system's lifespan. My brothers and I have played this game non-stop. Even though it doesn't have as many characters, it's still has an awesome learning curve that you may take a while to master. It's one of N64 gems, and it's a must have for N64 owners."

10/10 - Azooooz 64

"Though graphically unimpressive - even by N64 standards - the beauty of Super Smash Bros. lies beneath the surface. With its cast of Nintendo's finest, and a mulitplayer experience that still offers plenty of fun to this day, the original SSB delivered something truly unique to the world. Against its newer brothers, it's relatively small, but it's nevertheless a definitive package that will keep you smiling."

8/10 - GreenGaming 64

"A thoroughly original experience at the time of its release and still my personal favorite in the series, as from Melee onwards those games began to take themselves a bit too serious. Great tactic depth, hilarious stages, and fighters whose abilities feel more diverse than in later installments. Yet back then I felt disappointed their controls didn't match those of their own games, haha."

8/10 - MussakkuLaden 64

"1 player mode (Classic) is fun, but doesn't really change no matter what character you use. Multiplayer is where the game really shines, especially with 4 people. Even though this game had a low budget and doesn't have many game modes to offer, this game turned out to be a huge success and is still somewhat playable today, even with the newer smash games."

8/10 - 64

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Love the intro for the original, with the master hand picking up the toys to make them fight.

Now with Amiibo, we can be the master hand!




I used to train for hours at this game. Me, link, vs 3 max level jiggly puffs all of us with 10 stock lives. I hated jiggly puff and took lots of pleasure beating it up My friends and I played countess over nighters with this game in high school and college. Probably all time fav video game. Smash on 3ds is awesome and I can't wait for wii u.


The commercial spots for this game are probably my favorite ever from Nintendo. Big, puffy mascots pounding the crap out of each other! Good times.


I honestly still love to play the original. Even though later games improved upon it, there's a charm that clearly noticeable. Also this was the only iteration with board the platforms, and that was always fun to me.

In a side note I hate how in the past two games, Brawl and 3DS, there isn't specific break the target stages for each character.


When I was 14 I heard that a friend of a friend in a small town owned a copy of Smash bros for 64. I got his phone number and called if he'd like to sell it (these games were hard to come by where I'm from) but he declined. On a completely unrelated note, I had an online friend who told that she was in a long-distance relationship and only told me the first name and the town of her boyfriend. Later, I was 19 and doing my military service, having a bit of a fever I was waiting at the hospital with a bunch of other guys, a good place to have a chat. I talked with a guy who turned out to love video games and I asked what his favorite game is. He told "Super Smash bros for 64" and then I realized to connect all these things, and successfully guessed his name. He was from the small town, possibly the only person for a long radius to own a copy of Smash bros, I had called him when I was 14 and he was the boyfriend of my never-met, old internet friend.
True story.


When Smash stood for just mayhem and fun.
Before the super competitive, customed online scene.
When a single player gamer could still enjoy the experience.
And anyone could pick up and play easily.


I love this game. My friends and I played it for hours and hours. Each of us had chosen a character and played always with it. Mine was Samus, the others were Link, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Luigi and Pikachu although the one who played with the yellow mouse also played with DK, Mario and C. Falcon, trying to stop being the one with less kills.

Great memories.


The concept of this game blew me away as a kid. To be honest in a way the idea of mashing up all of the Nintendo franchises is still sorta staggering. Only Nintendo has that perfect storm of IPs, history and technical prowess to make a game series like this. Plus I love reading about the various trophies to learn about games I hadn't or couldn't play. I spent a long time in Melee doing just that.


A legendary fighting game that it's sequels only built on top of for the better.


7 for me. Agreed with Second Serving.
I notice most of this reviews take up nostalgia in account, where it shouldnt be the case. (Because bias, you know )
Still, good game.


Though I never played this one, I have major respect for the game that started it all! Thanks to both Melee and Brawl the Smash series is the only brand of fighting games I enjoy playing and I am looking forward to many happy hours of playing Smash for Wii U!


I was about to start college when I got this. I still own it in mint condition. Memories in a piece of plastic. This is one of those games that remind me of the importance of video games in my life.


you know what feels a tad sluggish

smash 4

jesus nintendolife...


This is the one that kicked the SSB craze off for me. Sometimes, I still take that trip down memory lane. Classic in it's day.


Ahhh, the first installment in my favourite video game series. This still holds its value and to this day I can play it for hours without getting bored.


Decent game but I traded it in after a few weeks. Melee was much better but just not a series I'm into.


This was awesome back in the day! Your favorite Nintendo characters, fighting each other in their own way. It was great. Of course Melee was a lot better because it had a lot more content, but this one started it all.


This game introduced me to the world of Nintendo and convinced me I wanted an N64.


I still play this game nowadays. One of the few N64 games I still pull out.

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