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Lylat Wars

aka Star Fox 64

"Nintendo: excellent decision. Ditch Starwing 2 and go for a next-gen sequel. Lylat Wars delivers on many fronts. Corneria is a perfect opener - capturing Starwing?s feel yet graphically upgraded. From then on levels are superbly varied: corridor levels, dogfights, numerous routes to Venom based on mission success. Not just a button bashing shooter; it requires skill, timing, quick thinking. A delight that doesn't disappoint."

9/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"Lylat Wars is a game that goes a long way with arguably very little. You can get to the credits in a single sitting - like an arcade game - but the level of depth seems almost endless; and, whether it's to beat a high score or to have a quick bit of flawless fun, this game will have you coming back time and time again."

9/10 - GreenGaming 64

"Another game I loved as a kid and one that still stands up pretty well to this day. It has great and varied levels, memorable characters, and gameplay that is a ton of fun. The visuals were spectacular at the time and although the multiplayer was very limited in terms of modes and arenas I still had a ball battling with family. A classic."

9/10 - dinosauryoshi 64

"As an american nintendo fan this game was known as Star Fox 64, it was unique among other games in it's genere for the multaple path's one could take. One of the biggest moments of the game for me was fighting the real andross and his true form you have to see to believe. I still have fond memorise of blasting through area 6."

10/10 - traceman 64

"Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars here in Europe) is a true spaceshooter classic. This was back when Nintendo didn´t experiment too much with the series, cause that can be a bad thing sometimes. Excellent action, voice acting and multiple routes make this a true N64 classic. It lacks the challenge of the original but otherwise this is the essential N64 game. Barrelrolling advised."

9/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Out of all the space shooters I've played, none have done it better than this. Controls are tight and responsive, level design is top notch, and the soundtrack is also quite memorable (a personal favorite). With unique characters such as a fox and a toad, and competent voice acting, it's also quite the cinematic experience before most others where doing it. Shigeru Miyamoto's classic."

10/10 - Lunapplebloom 64

"The definitive entry in the Star Fox series. This game had everything; a deep gameplay, great graphics, memorable stages with different objectives, a cast of well voiced, interesting characters, a well rounded story and barrel rolls! With so many different ways to play through it, and the challenge of getting each stage's medal, this game is something you will comeback to, all your life."

10/10 - Twilight_Crow 64

"A paragon of arcade shooting action. Fast paced action, excellent controls, memorable characters, and multiple branching paths made this a game that you could play through over and over without getting bored. The voice overs are cheesy, but it fits the theme of the game (Slippy is undoubtedly annoying, however). To this day, it remains a superlative example of how arcade shooters should play."

9/10 - Giygas_95 64

"Having only played through this game once, I have learned that it's a blast to play. With plenty of different paths to take and its relatively short playthrough time it creates a replayability like no other game has. Top that with good graphics, great voice acting, and memorable characters and story, and you get a timeless classic that everyone should play at least once."

9/10 - mystman12 64

"Bringing one of the more impressive SNES games to the N64 was a great idea from Nintendo. With it's varied locations (through different routes), outstanding graphics, Star Fox 64 manages to be an utterly breathtaking adventure. The gameplay absolutely shines with many welcome additions to the original, the music evolves to what is still the best soundtrack in the franchise. All-in-all, it's pretty amazing."

9/10 - Truner 64

"Let's face it, it's Starfox 64. Everyone here knows that it's great. The character's are memorable, and controlling the arwing is just ridiculously fun. It's really something that's hard to describe with words. I mean, the only bad thing about it is the landmaster kind of controls like crap.But this game is still a gem, and has deserved its praise. Do a barrel roll!"

10/10 - NintendoFan64 64

"Star Fox 64 is pure gaming bliss. It is one of the few games hardly affected by it's age and is truly timeless. Perfect controls, varied levels, sweeping soundtrack and unforgettable characters and dialogue. Star Fox 64 is first and foremost a fun adventure that beckons you to play it countless times. It's everything I could ask for in a game. It is perfection."

10/10 - JMDS 64

"Star Fox 64 is one of the most replayable arcade-style experiences around. It perfectly blends a game of skill with a choose your own adventure movie. The acting and dialog has camp value that truly gets better with age. Sadly this entry has never been bettered. It has a less than flawless multiplayer, but consider it a bonus feature to an otherwise perfect product."

10/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"The most re-playable game of all time. A quick, fun game to pick up at any time and have a blast. There are tons of memorable levels and voice acting. With branching paths that give twenty-five different ways through the game, this game will keep you coming back or months. This game is the epitome of the expression "Sometimes less is more". Truly timeless."

10/10 - PsychoticRanboo 64

"Taking the premise of the SNES outing and improving it in every way with N64 power, "Lylat Wars" truly made me feel as part of a space epic. Very few games managed to ever repeat that feeling. The pressure is now on Wii U to deliver a worthy sequel to the legacy of this stunning game. Remember to pick this up nowadays on 3DS!"

9/10 - Shiryu 64

"One of my favorite N64 games of all time. The visuals were great, and the gameplay addictive. The challenge of wanting to beat your high score on each level and find the hidden pathways to new levels made you keep coming back for more. Quite easily the best Star Fox game. The included Rumble Pak kept me company on many a lonely night as well."

10/10 - MikeLove 64

"Do a barrel roll!" This and many other catchphrases gave Lylat Wars unforgettable character. Dramatic, sweeping on-rails space shoot-a-thons coupled with a vibrant cast of talking animals and engrossing multi-plotline. It's only downfalls - a lack of save feature and brevity - were overwhelmingly trumpeted by engrossing gameplay that compelled you to have one more go or try something different each time. A timelessly lovable classic."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

"The beauty of "Lylat Wars" is that its a game with replayability in mind. The feeling this game creates is mind blowing as it makes me wanna fly a space ship and command my pilots about! The game's voice acting will never be forgotten as well as its fast paced gameplay. Do youself a favor. Get this game and do a barrel roll ok?!? "

9/10 - Socar 64

"Star Fox 64 is an amazing addition to anyone's video game collection. Though the voice acting at times can be annoying and the inability to replay a level of your choosing may not work, Star Fox 64 remains an innovated title. With multiple routes, stellar gameplay, an amazing soundtrack and countless secrets, you'll be spending hours trying to find every last route with ease."

9/10 - TheRavingTimes 64

"What is a "Starwing"? What were these so-called "Lylat Wars" you speak of? In 'MERICA, we played "Star Fox 64", an N64 title so important it gave us some of gamings' essential catch-phrases: DO A BARREL ROLL! and I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STAR FOX. and THIS BABY CAN HANDLE TEMPERATURES UP TO 9,000 DEGREES and NOOOOOOOOOOO! I guess we should be thankful."

9/10 - JJtheTexan 64

"Like so many games on the N64, Lylat Wars provides the definitive entry in the Star Fox franchise. Somewhat a rarity for Nintendo made games, Lylat Wars is a raw experience, though not lacking in polish, it feels like pure gameplay, something that the arguably better presented sequels lack. On top of this, it makes a cast of cute animals characters cool. A masterpiece."

9/10 - Uncle_Franklin 64

"This is still great to this day. Good graphics, smooth controls, branching paths, 3 different vehicles, fun (but corny) voice acting, good music and great bosses. I also loved the rumble effect, wich you could get when using a rumble pack. Much better looking (and better sounding) then the first one. If they make another one, they should use this one as a template!"

8/10 - Henmii 64

"Lylat Wars is a game that was simply so good and so ahead of its time that every Star Fox game since has not been able to live up to expectations. This game was both a blessing and a curse, the game itself is a masterpiece, but it set the bar too high for others to realistically meet inflated expectations. It's just too good."

9/10 - AlexOlney 64

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That's my review there. Hope its good enough!


I've played every game reviewed so far. I guess that is more to do with the N64's limited library of amazing games than me having played loads of games.

They should definitely have done something with StarFox 2 by now. Even if it was just a minigame hidden within a game.


The original Star Fox sure was one ugly game. It had good animations but it was good for its time I guess.

I really do think Starfox is overrated, is this is the only one that is above average.


@Hero-of-WiiU I think it was very special for its time, but today it can be very tough to get back into. Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 really does offer that smooth, cinematic experience that doesn't feel too out of place compared to today's games. Loved the 3DS remake too!


One of the better N64 games, but I don't think it's even close to being as sweet as the original.


Ah me and my brother spent loads of time playing this it was a truly great game and (i believe) the first n64 game to use the rumble pack in the UK


@Hero-of-WiiU IMO Star Fox is the best game in the series. I think the polygons are still nice looking though. It's clean and cool, not 'ugly.'

Star Fox 64 is a good game too, but SF trumps it in several ways.


Thanks god i was able to play all N64 masterpieces as a child!


Star Fox 64 is one of the good Star Fox games, but I personally like Adventures and Assault better. My opinion.


Love this game, one of my fav' N64 games, and arguably the best Star Fox game. The 3DS remake is pretty good to.

Even if you don't like space-shooters, this game is very accessable for any gamer, and has a campy old-school arcade charm to it. Also, remember barrel-rolling comes in quite handy in the game. (It reflects enemy-fire, if you can't avoid it.)


As much as I love this game, I must give props to the 3DS remake for just making everything better. Improving on perfection really. Everything looked so good and smooth, and added to the overall experience.

Doesn't knock my score at all for the original, but I'd highly recommend that version over the original, especially if you have a 3DS XL


LOL!!! Lylat Wars.


@Lunapplebloom, Star Fox 64 3D bettered everything except for the voice acting and music. They should have included an option for the original voices/music. The original stumbled upon perfect camp value that is easy to get nostalgic over.


It was a tragic decision to cancel Starwing 2. the game was pretty much done, and it is SO different from the other games in the series, I honestly think it would have coexisted just fine on the SNES. In fact, Star Fox 2 is my favorite game in the series, and definitely has the best replay value since every new game has random planets and battleships to liberate, as well as strategically managing your time to make sure Corneria stays safe from missiles and enemy swarms, especially on Hard.

Star Fox 64 was excellent, but dang it, Star Fox 2 was a wasted opportunity... That should be Ninty's new tagline. Nintendo: Home of Wasted opportunities.


I've always preferred the original Star Fox in basically every aspect. I think it is the superior game and this one only gets the love from some people because it's technically more advanced, even though in some respects it actually looks a bit uglier imo, and for whatever reason they actually like the addition of the kinda rubbish and childish voice acting.

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