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Space Station Silicon Valley

"It?s hard to believe that SSSV was created by the team that would go on to develop Grand Theft Auto III; quirky, playful and downright bizarre in tone, yet remarkably fun as a result. Playing as a crawling microchip, you must commandeer various robotic animals to defeat enemies and solve exceptionally creative puzzles in a futuristic amusement park -- it truly excels at the latter."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Sheep on springs, rocket propelled foxes, polar bear tanks and motorised hyenas. This and many other zany robot animal inventions made Silicon Valley one crazy, wacky experience. Like its spiritual successor, GTAIII, roaming around and hijacking various oddball creatures with your microchip was half the fun. This bizarre experimentation coupled with inventive, rewarding puzzles made SSSV a pscyedellic, original and charming joy to play."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

"SSSV is one of the most unique games, and that's saying a lot. I still remember all the times it threw me off guard. It's a game definitely worth trying even today, and there's a ton of different controllable animals with completely different controls. This was one of my favorite games for a long time. It's not perfect, but it's still a great game."

9/10 - Sasukat 64

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It's a shame it is impossible to 100% the game because of a glitch.


My friends hated this game but I loved it. So different, original, varied and charming. Occassionally got a little frustrating but you just kept perservering trying every combination of weird animal functions


I got this game and remember I couldn't finish it because it glitched, but aside from this is was an excellent game and truly unique. Another N64 gem.


@SyntheticPerson I know right! That glitch ticked me off so much.

This game was so fun and original. It's game like this that the newest generation is lacking. Something completely different.


Im currently playing through this again. Absolutely one of my favourite games of all time. So much fun, so much variety, and the puzzle elements are the right kind of difficult (bar some awkward platforming haha).

For all those people who never finished the game because of the glitch, I hope you used cheat codes to get the last gold idol because it unlocks a very fun mini game.


I rented this years ago and really loved it. A unique idea and the puzzles were challenging and really satisfying when solved. The robot animals were hilarious and level design really clever, altogether a great experience.


I totally forgot about this game! I owned it and enjoyed it.


Loved this when I was a kid. Such a weird title.


@SyntheticPerson first I've known of this glitch!!! I spent days trying to get the game done 100% and not knowing how to achieve it! I'm a completionist ,this was one of my favourites, I have had this bugging me for a LONG time so a big THANKYOU!! I can finally consider this game where can I get the cart to start again?


@eLarkos Don't happen to know the code do you? Seems I've missed a trick on this classic title and it now needs a revisit!


@ULTRA-64 You should definitely re-visit it. As I said, i'm currently playing through it again and its just as great as it was back then.

Here is the cheat to access the secret level that would be unlocked upon 100% (if it was possible):

"To access the level, you have to quickly enter in a code on either the file select screen of the game, or the level select screen. This code is: Down, Up, Z, L, Down, Left, Z, Down. When you enter it in correctly, you will hear a chime noise. To access the level, move one space to the left on the level select screen."


A truly unique excellent game. Anyone who hasn't played it and gets the chance should try it out, because its impossible to describe its charms in text.


Having bought an n64 AGAIN to play some of the great games I've had the pleasure of reading about on here through the 64/64 reviews I've noticed a reoccurring theme......the best games from the n64 era are the ones/types most lacking from the current line up! We've seen star wars games,fps shooters,arcade shooters, racing games, 3d platform and puzzle games.....all the games most lacking at the moment on the Wii u. I guess I'd better get back on eBay and look for this to get my rocket Fox fix!!


I think I read that this game has an opening cutscene that only plays when you start up the cartridge the first time, and there is no way to get it to play again. At all.


I actually worked on the PlayStation conversion of this. I think they renamed it as Evo's Space Adventures. I preferred the N64 version even with the bug.


I love the corny music and how it's played through in-game speakers that are scattered through the courses.


This game reminds me of my exgirlfriend... I dont like that.


Probably the 3rd or 4th best 3D platformer on the system. Probably one of the top 10 of all time.


Love this game!! It needs a sequel!!


None of these nostalgic N64 reviews ever have any screenshots.....


A mate of mine brought it home someday, and I couldn't get my head around it. And it also had such a annoying password-system (I hate those). But its still a very original concept, so I hope I get to experience it someday again in some way. Now I am a much more experienced player, I shouldn't have to much trouble this time.


Hear, hear! I agree. Bring them on!


I loved this game, would hope for a sequel one day, it's gameplay was top notch!


@Henmii I've seen two other N64 reviews since this one, and again no screenshots.


An absolute gem of a game. I followed this game from its announcement to its release and was not disappointed with the final product. If anything it was better than I anticipated. There is no game out there that's like it. It's simply unique and memorable. The music was great, the level design was great, and the game was seriously a blast to play. I could replay this on an annual basis and never get bored of it. My only gripe with it is that stupid glitch preventing you from getting 100%. But I recommend this N64 game over all others for those who haven't played it. Critically underrated. 10/10

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