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Snowboard Kids

"Racdym's cute and vibrant snowboarding-themed racing game is one that's unfairly drowned out by the perpetual, yet understandable noise that surrounds its more popular counterparts, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Incorporating a remarkably balanced offensive / defensive power-up system and a nifty stunt system that feeds into the former, the game?s only real weakness is its limited selection of tracks and playable characters."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"This game just has a multitude of memorise for me like how me and my sister would rent it every time and it was great. It had some great characters, balanced items, and a nice soundtrack. Though the tracks are a bit of a one trick pony (which would be alliviated in the sequel) and it was just great just avoid the Ds one."

8/10 - traceman 64

"This was - and still is - one of my all time favorite games. Well designed tracks, well thought-out power-ups and perfect handling, all complimented by a catchy soundtrack! Although the frame rate in 4 player took a hit, it was still amazing fun! Sadly the sequel was never released in Europe, however this N64 fan sourced and Australian PAL import for more of the same!"


"Music is often something that strongly stirs up nostalgia, and here it is no different; evoking memories of long Sunday afternoons spent playing while my best friend happily hummed along in the background. A nicely presented game and surprisingly competent racer with an excellent stunt system. Themed tracks are full of jumps and obstacles, but the game is overall hampered by somewhat limited content."

8/10 - mookysam 64

"Ah snowboard kids - a little darkhorse in the N64's multiplayer racing category. It mixed adorable characters with vibrant snowscapes and an immediate sense of fun. Most memorablle was its mischievous multiplayer - there's nothing like screwing your pals over on the slopes, with a well placed power-up as they smack their oversized nose off their capsized snowboard. An enjoyable tongue-in-cheek alternative to Mario Kart 64."

8/10 - YoshiTails 64

"Better than Mario Kart 64 for multiplayer imo (and second only to Goldeneye), an immense mix of chaos, drama, last second backstabbing, and coins, all mixed with schnifty tricks. To round it all off, the Battle Royale to get on the ramp at the bottom was a mini-game in itself! Pity the N64 sequel and Japanese exclusive PS1 version were not quite as good."

9/10 - Mayhem 64

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This was a game me and my brother enjoyed in our childhood.We used to rent this over and over again.I remember when we took a dive into the DS snowboard kids..........we never played snowboard kids again


I never played the original, but Snowboarder Kids 2 was an amazing little gem on the 64. I honestly hope that once Nintendo puts 64 games on the Wii U, that it'll bemore than what's was on the Wii. Then again, I doubt we'll see the quantity of the titles on the other virtual consoles, but the 64 didn't have even 20 games on it.


snowboard kids...? Or RAYMAN KIDS...!


I loved this game as a kid. Great music and fun four-player racing.

Maybe some day it will come to Wii U VC?


Great game that was a firm favourite with my group of friends!! Great power ups, track design, trick system and of course truly great music. A really underrated classic and the first thing I would buy on Wii u vc if I could =(
I never knew there was a sequel to this!! Will have to get on e bay and pick that cartridge up =)


Ah yes, good old SnoBoKi.


Great game, and it surprised me when I found out it was published by Atlus many years later (never bothered with, and didn't even really know, video game publishing when I was younger). For the longest time, I thought the Wii Trauma Center was my first Atlus game, but it turns out it was this gem along!


I loved this game!


Any chances of these amazing 64 bit games arriving to the WiiU? I want Nintendo to surprise me next year with a Nintendo Direct and tell me N64 and DS games are finally arriving


This was hands-down one of the definitive experiences for the 64. Pure gold. Everything from the soundtrack, to the gameplay, to the experience.


Love this game and still play it a lot!


Lovely game, still running it now and then ^^


Man I loved this game as a kid!


Another great 4 player game.


This... this and Snowboard Kids 2 must be made into a Virtual Console title. No question about it.


I liked the DS SBK game. Never played the original..


Fun game, I never did play the sequel though.


University, 5 flatmates, 4 controlers and Snowboard Kids. We liked this game better than Mario Kart. Amazing power ups


A very solid and fun game. Not my favorite racing game and got repetitive fairly quickly but fun to play every once in a while. 7/10

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