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Sin & Punishment

"A real gem from the legendary shmup factory that is Treasure, Sin & Punishment delivers a consistently action-packed experience from start to finish. A Japanese exclusive that finally saw an international release through the Wii Virtual Console in 2007, the combination of ranged and melee combat results in a varied gameplay experience. The story is nonsensical, and it is rock-hard, but well worth playing."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Expect to die a lot. Expect the story to make no sense. Expect the controls to be a bit cumbersome. Then have those expectations blown apart with a on-rail platformer-like shooter that is plenty challenging, lots of wacky bosses, and the over-the-top action with constant enemy barrages paired with a near perfect frame rate. You can't find another shooter like this on the N64."

8/10 - Captain_Toad 64

"Treasure's wonderful rail shooter had quite a reputation. It was the most desirable N64 import game back in the day but it would take me several years until I finally play this on the Wii's virtual console. It was well worth the wait as I discovered an amazing, hardcore experience filled with Treasure magic. Not for the inpatient gamers out there. Get this game!"

10/10 - Shiryu 64

"A brilliant shooter on rails, and one of the BEST N64 games bar none. The waves of enemies never stop, but the atmospheres are so well done you may not want them to. The music is perfect for the game's frenetic pace. So region mod your console or by it on the Wii VC. It's a must play and own for any N64 enthusiast."

10/10 - bluedogrulez 64

"Once a Japan exclusive, thanks to the power of the Wii VC, even the western audiences can get this action packed title easily. It's a really hardcore on-rail shooter, something you'd expect from a Treasure game. Getting used to the controls can take a while and it's really hard, even on the easy setting you have to be focused to get trough. Slice! Booooom!!!"

9/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Cabal shooters were never really a big thing. There are some prime examples, like Wild Guns, but none are as good and memorable as Sin and Punishment. The constant adrenaline rush keeps you on the edge all the time (a staple of Treasure) and everything just clicks together into one big masterpiece. It's never boring, never annoying, but always hard. Never forget that, soldier."

8/10 - Truner 64

"I remember reading about Sin and Punishment in a Nintendo Power preview. Their enthusiasm for the game stuck with me and I was disappointed when it was never released. Thankfully its surprise release on the Wii gave me the chance. Other than the story making absolutely no sense to me, I rather enjoyed its frantic gameplay. I hope Nintendo continues to release classic imports."

8/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"This game IS my number one game of ALL TIME. I remember the day my dad ordered this (due to us being Treasure fans, I made a Radiant Silvergun dedicated cabinet!), and man, was that a good day. AMAZING controls (for an N64 action/shmup), crazy levels that range from sidescrolling to behind-view on-rails, and some of the best bosses ever. It is super AWESOME!"

10/10 - Bender 64

"An adventure unlike anything before, Treasure delivers a crazy, yet fascinating world to save. Sin & Punishment delivered a tightly-packed action game with a steep learning curve and awesome fights from the beginning to the end, one which is always kept as a milestone through the assist trophy of protagonist Saki himself since Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A hidden gem among the hidden gems!"

8/10 - Kaze_Memaryu 64

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I absolutely hated the control method on this game, and it really spoiled it as far as I'm concerned.


@dizzy_boy Did you play the N64 version or the Wii VC one using the GC pad? Because it really is designed for the latter (I hated the controls on Wii myself!)


I loved this when I played it on the Wii VC.I can't remember if I used the Classic or Gamecube controller but once I got my head round the controls I don't recall it being a problem.I couldn't get into the sequel though for some reason,maybe I need to give it another try.What about you,do you prefer the original over the sequel?


@MegaWatts I have it on the Wii VC. I still think that I would probably dislike playing it with an N64 controller because I'm not a fan of moving the the charecter with one stick while aiming with the other in 3rd person view.
If it played like Space Harrier where you move you charecter, that's where you shot, I would have enjoyed it more.


@dizzy_boy But there's only one stick on the N64 controller...

I get what you mean though! Space Harrier is a great example of a shmup gameplay setup done right.


I loved this game. Never knew about it until Smash Bros. Brawl, though. But with the release on the virtual console, I had to pick it up. The controls took some time to get use to though.


Such an amazing game. Non-stop action from start to finish. The story made no sense though.


The Classic Controller was terrible for this game, wish it had the WiiU VC customization options... The game, however, was simply fantastic and my second favorite game on Wii (the first being its sequel! 😎)!!! GET BONUS!


This game was created so that it could have a sequel on Wii with Wii remote & nunchuck controls.

Hated how the music kept playing during cutscenes. It felt totally bland, cheesy, and out of place. The story still wouldn't have made sense of course, but that just bugged the heck out of me. I loved the voices that said, “Get Bonus!” and, “Game Over,” though.

Import is a genre?


My number 1 game of ALL TIME.


just one question about this game. why WASN'T this realsed in america!?


Awesome! Reminds me I need to grab this on the Wii VC!


This series deserves so much more love IMO. The First Sin and Punishment is great and Star Successor totally blows KI:U out of the water in terms of gameplay...well, in actual story too! Dialogue?....ehhhhh, Let's just say KI:U has to win somewhere


This is a crazy non-stop action game, (climax action before Bayonetta), pretty much the one of the best railshooters out there, I prefer the Wii sequel though. Better controls.
My love for Treasure started on the N64 as well, but with Mischief Makers! That game was so charming and perfect gameplay-wise. I'm sure it'll be mentioned soon here.


The premise "Pal Version" has fallen! It's time for some non-european Nintendo 64 gems: Ogre Battle, Tetris 64, Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness, F-Zero Expansion Kit ...


Great game and a good testament to the N64's polygon-shifting capabilities. A source of huge frustration that this stayed in Japan when N64 games were running out.


I wish a character from this series would be playable in Smash Bros. I hope they make a 3rd game too.


Played it first on the Virtual console. Great game, hectic and hard. Haven't finished it yet, since its hard. Its sequel is even better, and also very hard.


I also hope for a third game, on Wii u. But it looks very unlikely since Treasure is faaaar to busy with Gaist crusher: A franchise based on a anime series. Its made in conjunction with Capcom, and the franchise seems to be big in Japan.

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