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Quake II

"A valiant console port of a PC classic, Quake II on the N64 comes with an original campaign and four-player multiplayer. The latter is where the game truly shines, providing a quicker and much deadlier arena shooter experience than competing titles on the system. It excels in terms of technical performance -- notably the frame rate -- to the point where it's still very playable today."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Quake II" became a way of life for a certain period of my youth. So I was quick to pick up this version and was pleasantly surprise with an all new campaign to discover, makeing this a sort of hidden add-on to the original PC campaign. Even if limited to four players, few things remain more satisfying than wasting a mate with a Railgun."

8/10 - Shiryu 64

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my first fps game experience was quake online on pc. it was a grand experience( there is that a good enough comment for you guys?)


Im a Quake and Doom fan so i had to have this when i got my 64, it was a great game in its own right with a new campaing that was full of new stuff

The only problem were the horrible animations and the need for pinpoint accuracy on a not so pinpoint control (if that makes sense hahaha)
Leagues behind its PC brother, but a great game in its own right


This time was the 3dfx was better than everything else time. Ports were not even close.



have fun with your banana bro, thats my point. enjoy.


@OneBagTravel Then again: having an experience with Quake online for PC is hardly relevant in relation to Quake 2 on N64, for multiple reasons...


well its what i got sorry you didnt like it atleast i mentioned quake unlike the guy being an asshole with the fruit, care to elaborate?

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