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Pokémon Stadium

"Transferring data between games is a common feature nowadays, but in 1999 it was a huge deal for Pok?mon fans who could finally see their favourite creatures battle it out in 3D. The pure focus on battling -- with various rule sets to choose from -- makes for a change of pace from the Game Boy original. The mini-games, while few, are surprisingly addictive and entertaining."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Though its portable brothers were more of an RPG adventure starring fighting monsters, Pokemon Stadium focused more on the battling aspect of the games instead. The 2D sprites become 3D animated polygons to bring the battles to life in a varitey of different modes, each with different rules and limits. A lot of fun but ultimately more of a peripheral to its Gameboy counterparts."

7/10 - GreenGaming 64

"The gameplay and graphics have aged decently. There's a decent amount of content in the game. The mini-games are fun, but the battles in this game can feel rigged, like in the sequel. It's pretty much an requirement to have Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow to even stand a chance of winning. Overall, this is still a great entry in the whole Pokemon series."

8/10 - 64

"I still remember the day I got this gem of a game at the height of the Pokemon craze. I can still smell the smoky scent of wood burning in my friend’s basement as we duked it out in Stadium. And I still get the same amount of enjoyment from Stadium 15 years later. Here’s hoping for another Stadium game on consoles someday soon."

9/10 - ZBomber 64

"At the time this game came out it was advanced for it's time. I loved being able to plug my Pokemon blue and or yellow into the game and being able to battle all of my pokemon on a big screen and seeing them 3D. I also really liked the feature of being able to play the game right on the tv as well."

9/10 - zoeymeyer 64

"I want to be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them all is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokemon to understand The power that's inside Pokemon gotta catch them all its you and me I know it's my destiny Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend...... Pokemon Stadium is a great game."

9/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"When I first saw pokémon in 3D on the TV it felt like dream. The minigames were a load of fun and the possibility to store pokémon and play the gameboy game with N64 controller were brilliance of connectivity and possibilities that games rarely achieve. Fights themselves were boring on the long run, so Stadium is more of an extension for the gameboy game."

8/10 - Omenapoika 64

"Sure, it didn't have an adventure mode and you couldn't catch Pokémon but seeing them in 3D for the first time... and they had good cries (what the heck happened in Colosseum and XD?). Seeing your team come alive in 3D was something magical back then. The gym battles and cup challenges, multiplayer, minigames, playing your copy of Red, Blue of Yellow on N64..."

8/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Seeing Pokemon battle each other in 3D was a dream come true for kids in the late 1990s, and that is exactly what Pokemon Stadium offered. While lacking in a true adventure mode category, the game did allow players to play their GB Pokemon Red/Blue on their TVs using the included transfer pak. For Pokemon fans, the Stadium games were a dream come true."

7/10 - bizcuthammer 64

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How did I even miss this?


I've always hated console pokemon, there are a few games like this that I make an exception.


Stadium was seriously a good extension for the game boy game. Storing your pokemon freely on the n64 with just popping in the cartridge, you couldn't do that with Pokemon Colosseum anymore, let alone play the gb game and then take the fight out with your friends on the big screen. Back in the day this game really took the cake.

Pokebank and transfer tool with yearly payment... Dream radar? Pokedex for 15$?? How about just one good old game that does all of that and more, like Stadium did it.


I enjoyed this with friends....though as far as actual battles on the cartridge go, Stadium 2 was much better (and tough as nails if you stuck to rental Pokemon).


Man, this was a major letdown. In the end I spent most of my time just with the minigames and the sped up emulation of the GB-Pokemon games. The main game modes felt just bland and boring after you had digested how pretty everything admittedly looked.


I loved this game! It took SO much of my time as did all the following Stadium/Coliseum games lol.


I didn't have a copy of Pokemon for Gameboy, so my cousin and I would battle using the rental Pokemon. It was fun because higher evolutions tended to have inferior attacks, so you had to weigh between better attacks or better stats when picking your rentals. We also wouldn't allow the other to watch as we made our selections, so it was always a surprise seeing what came out of the opponent's Pokeball.


Its a good game. It was amazing seeing your pokemon in 3d on the tv screen. Not to mention that the minigames were fun and playing pokemon yellow at 3x speed on the tv was amazing back than. Might be pretty hard to enjoy nowadays though.


I haven't experienced this game on its own, only on Twitch Plays Pokemon. Although, a lot of it's animations are high quality. It's fun, but the Pokemon cries are atrocious! I prefer the sequel. 8/10.


Legendary game right here, why the f*** nintendo didn,t release something like this for wii u again?


What lacked in that game, put in on a wii u version, FULL HD 60 FPS, it,s all good to go man!


The first Pokémon game I played, I didn't have a Game Boy. I actually really liked it, I spent a lot of time raging and trying to win those damn tournaments. Thunder betrayed me a lot of times. And the minigames were just awesome.


These games were a godsend back then, being able to 'back up' your Pokemon and items so you could restart, or protect them from unforeseen dead batteries.

Still pretty fun and challenging to this day, even if they're not nearly as impressive as they once were. Also had some of the best cries in the series. I wish they had copied those for Colosseum/XD too, then they really would have some of the best audio in the series.


I want a new Stadium game for Wii U. I want to fight with my team in HD graphics.


This is how me and my friends used to do Pokémon battle. With glorious low res polygons on a 15" crt TV. And the minigames were great too.

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