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Pokémon Snap

"Off-beat and remarkably novel, it?s surprising just how well Pok?mon Snap works as a concept. In this snap ?em up, you trade in your Pok?balls for a trusty camera, with which you have to take the best Pok?mon portraits possible. Sporting delightful environments and plenty of secrets to keep you coming back, it?s still one of the best examples of a spin-off done right."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"A product to cash in on Pokemon's popularity actually turns out to be a decent game. Here the traditional conventions of catching and battling are switched out for photographing on the rails - safari tour style - and, whilst the Pokemon on show are fixed, there are plenty of hidden extras to reward players willing to look deeper. A nice spin-off, but a tad somewhat lacklustre"

7/10 - GreenGaming 64

"+varied environments +easy to learn +Pokemon used voices from show instead of Game Boy MIDI +different items to interact with Pokemon -very few levels -could have greatly benefited from an objective or shot list system -not that many breeds of Pokemon -back on the N64, no way to share the photos -could print photos as stickers at Blockbuster, but the pricing was too expensive"

5/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"Pokemon Snap is a game that, upon first glance, seems to be a terrible idea to milk a franchise that had become a phenomenon. Yet it somehow works brilliantly, combining on-rails elements with photo taking to create a game full of character, charm and secrets that you'll keep playing past the credits, if for no reason but to hear Prof. Oak praise your efforts."

9/10 - bizcuthammer 64

"You'd think a game where you do something as simple as take photos of Pokémon would be a terrible idea, yet somehow Nintendo made it work. Any Pokémon fan at the time thought immersing yourself in a 3D Pokémon world was amazing and it still is. This game will make you want to find all the Pokémon in the world from beginning to end!"

9/10 - Cooligan 64

"A casual, gentle on rails stroll through a wilderness brimming with Pokemon. Gotta snap em all is the mantra here. Pokemon Snap's main challenge came in the form of spotting the most obscurred pocket monsters or timing your camera click just right as a Charizard flies past at break-neck pace. All in the name of improving your photo score. Simple, limited but great fun."

7/10 - YoshiTails 64

"Great game. Shame it only had about 60 Pokemon in it. Surely they could have replaced one of the dozen Pikachus with something else - even if it was just a Raichu..... That said, it is a nice relaxing game that I hope they make a sequel to. The game wasn't worth full price back in the day, but easily worth the cheaper amount on ebay."

7/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"Very impressive game that shows sceneries and lives of pokémon that was left for imagination for anyone playing the Gameboy iterations. Encouraging scoring system, unlockable items and new paths pull you in for a shoot after another. The game is very short and the final level of the game is rather disappointing, but the fun and thrill at it's best is some to remember."

8/10 - Omenapoika 64

"It's an on-rail Pokémon shooter!" That's how my friend descriped this game when he showed me a picture of Eevee about to get shot with a gun from the Nintendo News magazine. Turned out it was an on-rail photo snapping game instead and that Eevee was safe. The game doesn't have all the original 150mon and is very short but would deserve a sequel."

8/10 - Luffymcduck 64

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I am surprised there hasn't been a sequel to this game. It would be pretty cool on Wii U or the 3DS.



Well, look at the Pokepark wii games, two games that in combination contain a couple of hundreds more pokemon than Snap from the first five generations in far better polygonal models than the ones seen in Snap, doing pokespeak and everything. And both games allow you to take pictures of everything and everyone, save them on the Wii SD memory, and give you complete freedom of movement instead of being on rails.

When those two spinoffs failed to take the world by storm, perhaps that is the reason that no one in Nintendo has faith on a game solely focused on the taking photos mechanic.


I can see the gyroscope/accelerometer being a cool control mechanism for a new pokemon snap game. Virtual reality would also be cool for the 3DS. Imagine going on a road trip and taking pictures of pokemon outside while in the car, or on a walk.


You would need some real innovative ideas to make a unique sequel.


maybe there could be an i pokephone and you could take pictures but also do phone crap..... lol that will never happen


This is still the most fun I've ever had with a Pokemon game.


Every system Nintendo has made since the N64 has been more and more perfect for a new Pokemon Snap game...and yet we have nothing. I don't get it.


He also stated- "It wasn't originally developed by Game Freak" and "As a player I definitely want to play a cool new version of Pokemon Snap but at the same time I also think if it was just a remake with better graphics I don't think it would be as interesting as a lot of people are imagining."

I don't know if that statement holds much weight since Game Freak didn't actually make it, or anything outside the main games for that matter. Thats not what made Snap fun anyway, it was the 1st-person view of the Pokemon world and the interesting new challenge to 'snap 'em all'.

Its actually pretty typical PR for Nintendo, the "we can't think of anything new/innovative" routine. I'm more inclined to believe they don't think theres enough interest in a game like this anymore, so developing one is too risky, especially for an HD game.


It would be nice if they did a new version, complete with medals for accomplishing certain things (making Pikachu surf, making a Gardevoir shake its hips, or whatever) and with a battle mode added. Would be great as an eshop release.


@Moldemort are you goddamn kidding me? seriously that's absurd.

On-topic: It was an interesting idea but I don't see it working anymore. And besides, it wasn't exactly a very succesful game. Most of the gamers on those days, tend to have very revisionists memories nowadays (Majora's Mask being a megahit when it wasn't for example). Besides, like they stated before, Pokepark did that better and it sold moderatly in the mega succesful Wii.

Remember, Pokemon games are aimed at children first and grown ups later. If kids are not interested on the concept, then no point on spending resources on nothing.


Apparently the series isn't over


With the Wii U controller it would be a crime not to make a sequel! If people have been wondering how to best utilize the controller, look no further.


It was a fun game. I never owned it, but I rented it a lot.


What an excellent first person shooter
I found it pretty fun trying to figure out how to unlock levels or getting certain Pokemon to appear


Gamepad with gyro controls= Pokémon Snap 2 for Wii U, where the xxxx are you!?!


This game was a blast--for all of 45 minutes. It's so comically short that it's impossible to justify the price put on it when it was new. If this is supposed to be a "retro" review (as opposed to a review of the game's value as a cart you can currently pick up for $5 or so), then it doesn't seem the reviewer wrote it with any attempt at objectivity.

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