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Mickey Speedway USA

"Rare's spiritual follow-up to Diddy Kong Racing didn't contain quite the same level of magic and charm -- surprising given its Disney setting. Nevertheless, Mickey's Speedway USA achieves on a technical level, sporting a mostly consistent frame rate and tight track design to boot. The multiplayer mode is a worthwhile alternative to more popular kart racers, but may not hold your attention for as long."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"+has similar gameplay and graphics to Diddy Kong Racing +controls are great and vary by difficulty +respectful of the Mickey universe +has a Mario Kart 64 inspired Battle Mode -random voices are annoyingly frequent and are confusing by having the same volume no matter where the talker is located -only one vehicle type -no adventure mode -most of the tracks don't feel as inspired"

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"It's a second racing game with funny items from Rare. Instead of being a classic, it's "only" good. Driving works well and grapchics are nice but there's something missing that they had in Diddy Kong Racing. The track designs aren't as exciting as exciting as in other N64 racing games. If you've had enough of Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing, try this."

7/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Pretty unmemorable game. I had it as a kid and didn't remember it at all. Replayed it this year and it was pretty decent, but not great. The controls were pretty good, tracks were pretty good, and characters were well balanced, but it just misses the mark in that intangible way. The multiplayer is a lot of fun though, so just stick to that."

7/10 - PsychoticRanboo 64

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This is one I need to pick up someday. Sounds interesting and I had no idea it was Rare that made it!


Wish I could say I played this N64 version, except I only experienced the Game Boy Color version. I still think it's good, imo.


Fun game. Runs smooth, controls are tight, and the multiplayer is decent. The wife and I often have N64 race-offs, and we always look forward to our time with Mickey's Speedway. It's not a spectacular kart racer, but it's very good filler.


I always wanted to play this game, but I never did. :/

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